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Bilt Techno Bluetooth Helmet

The most technologically advanced helmet BiLT has ever made, the Techno Bluetooth Helmet has everything but the kitchen sink. In addition to being able to sync with Bluetooth enabled devices, the Techno has great ventilation, a removable liner, and a drop-down tinted sun shield all in a convenient full face design. You can also pair it with another Techno Helmet and enjoy rider to rider or rider to passenger intercom abilities.


  • Hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • Quality metallic paint with double lacquer finish
  • Integrated DWO Bluetooth system offers the following functions:
    • Mobile phone communication
    • Intercom: rider to rider or rider to passenger
    • GPS navigation instructions
    • MP3 connectivity
  • Quick release clear locking face shield
  • Separate flip-down tinted sun shield
  • Chin mounted airflow ventilation with open/close function
  • Fully removable lining with chin deflector
  • Double D-ring safety fastening
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards
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Much better than expected
I have had several Bluetooth/Intercom helmets over the years and this one is by far the best...and not just for the Bluetooth.

The helmet itself, though relatively inexpensive, is quite good. Ventilation on 90-degree days is deceptively good considering the vent sizes and on cooler days visor fogging is non-existent with the vents open. Buy it a bit small. After a few hours of riding it will conform. The lining is of a smooth woven fabric (rather than the felt-like liners of other helmets in this price range) and allows you to smoothly slide the helmet on and off. The fabric seems durable. After a couple of thousand miles of riding with the helmet, there is no perceptible wear.

Really surprised at how well the inner drop-down sun visor works. It has totally eliminated my need to wear sunglasses while riding and it completely covers your field of view. The main outer shield has two very distinct detent positions and stays put when partially open. It seals very well around its perimeter in wet weather.

The knob on the Bluetooth seems a bit "shaky" and I suspect an overzealous twist with heavy gloves might damage it. However, its use is excellent even with heavy gloves to reject calls, mute, change volume, or advance through music...just don't give it a hard twist and you'll be fine. Also, it can auto-answer your phone after two rings. Sound quality is average-to-good. I listen to music almost 100% of the time I have the helmet on. And unlike every other Bluetooth I have owned, you CAN crank the volume past the point of being painful...and without distortion. Also, I was surprised the first few times I received phone calls that the phone volume actually significantly higher than the music volume. The microphone is of a flexible "boom" type...a bit odd for a full-coverage helmet. It seemed to "be in the way" the first few times I took then helmet on and off. After I pushed the microphone down as far as it would go, no more problems...you don't need it directly in front of your mouth for quality phoning. There is no problem at all carrying on conversations at 70 mph. Though I do hear a moderate level of wind noise, folks I am talking to say they hear no wind noise at all and are surprised I am speaking from a moving motorcycle.

Battery life is also outstanding. I have ridden 8 or more hours with music going at high volume with a few phone calls thrown in and haven't encountered a dead battery yet. Plus it charges with a standard cell-phone USB cable. BTW, the included wall-charger comes with said cable which can be removed and used off your laptop or an on-dash USB charger.

The chin strap could be a bit longer (personal preference) though it is really not "too short". The small fabric tab that is put on one D-ring frayed after just a few uses (don't need it anyway). The snap to secure the free end of the strap is located a bit too high up under the edge of the helmet.

PROS: Sun visor, Overall Liner Quality, Vents Work Well, Really Good Bluetooth

CONS: Bluetooth Knob

May 24, 2013
Great helmet
I bought this helmet about 2 months ago and used it quite a bit. It does have a lot of wind noise but I always had music playing so I didn't notice it to bad. The battery had no problem staying charged for 12 hours of music playing during a long days ride. It was very comfortable.Now for the most important feature, I wrecked my sports bike on the tail of the dragon yesterday. The bike went off a 40 ft bank, I went off the side of the bike and face first into the pavement. I ripped one side of the face shield off and tore the air vent off. It hit so hard it knocked the sun visor down. I never got the slitest headache or anything. I went to the hospital for my shoulder and showed the doctor my helmet and he could not believe I did not have a concution. I highly recommend this helmet and and I will buy another.
June 7, 2015
BILT Techno Bluetooth Helmet ...Wind Fix
As mentioned by many unhappy customers, I too was disappointed by the wind noise. After a little experimentation I realized the source of the wind noise was the two top forward facing air vents. If you block these vents the wind noise will be significantly be reduced, unfortunately so will the cooling effects. The challenge is to baffle the air through the vents without completely blocking them. After a bit of trial and error I realized the packing foam that the helmet came with could easily be cut into strips that fit nicely into the vents. This has worked extremely well for over 1 year.

Hopefully the design team at BILT will make some minor adjustments for better acoustical performance, but this easy modification makes this helmet THE best features for the value of any helmet on the market !!

PROS: Best Features For, Great Sound quality, Best Features, Good Features Price, Excellent Bluetooth Conxn, Excellent Value, Best Features Price, Easy to use controls

CONS: Wind Noise See Comment

March 28, 2015
Love this helmet
I love this helmet I seen some review that said its noisy when u go over 45mph but I can disagree I had conversation and listening to music going over 80mph. The only thing I don't like is that it auto answer my phone calls I don't know exactly if it is just the helmet or my phone but it auto still. Besides that everything else is great I give it a 9/10 :-).
January 5, 2016
Good for the money
The wind noise is high for the rider's perspective, on and off the highway, but it's not painful. Not sure how that happened, it's more like being udner water. Your caller won't hear the wind, for some reason - that's a quality mark there, and the volume easily goes high enough to be able to understand what your caller is saying w/o pain. The volume is CAPABLE of breaking the pain threshold, which is another mark of quality. I haven't turned the volume to full yet and I wouldn't recommend you try. If you're a commuter, this is a great buy and will significantly increase your quality of ride.

PROS: Comfortable, Call Quality, Outbound Clarity, Calls, Music, High volume, Warm

CONS: In-bound Clarity, Hot, Wind Noise

BEST USES: Music, Everyday, Wet weather
May 20, 2013
Safety First
I bought this helmet about 3 months ago and I use it to commute mainly back a fourth from school, but on my leisurely trips as well. Having the bluetooth is awesome! You can play/pause, Skip forward/go back, make phone calls, use SIRI if you have an iPhone, and talk to other riders/drivers through intercom. The retractable sunshade is great because you can flip it up at night instead of hang a full tinted visor. Venting could be better. The days I've had most issues with is 90+ degree days. Fitment is a little tight, you may order up a size than you normally wear.

I had a wreck going about 15mph. I hit big rock in the road (it was late at night and I didn't see it). My head was the first thing to hit the ground, but the helmet performed flawlessly. Granted, its pretty banged up, but there were no cracks or holes put into it. The most damage was on the locking visor nuts. One side was destroyed but thats what hit first. I saved all of the cushions and bluetooth and even the sunshade and I will use them as spare parts when my New Bilt Techno Bluetooth Helmet comes it.

PROS: Easy to use, Funtional, Good material quality, great visor, Great Sunvisor, Bluetooth works great

CONS: Short strap, Wind Noise, A little tight

September 2, 2014
Exceeded most expecations
Overall I cannot be more happy with this helmet. What really sold me was the fact that I could control the song tracks on my phone and keeps the bulk down compared to using a helmet with a Chatterbox XBi2. The Techno fits very well, similar to my Suomy Apex and Arai Corsair RX7. The materials are not as soft or comfortable though. Much to be expected for the cost.

The strap could use a little work, but works plently fine.

The shield lock (red tab) appears to bounce around from locked/unlock, just waiting for it to fall off. Change the locking system.

My biggest annoyance is that the control knob seems to come loose. I've tightened and added locktite to the mounting screw. Yet it still will spin past it's stopping point at times. Making adjusting the volume or changing of the tracks un-adjustable. I'm afraid that with time the knob threads will strip leaving the point of this purchase moot. Time will tell. Turning the knob and not applying too much force with gloves on is the remedy.

PROS: Convenient For Music, Controls Audio Tracks, Great for commuting, Speakers Decent, Comfortable to wear, Intergrated Sun Shield

CONS: On the heavy side, Strap Button Mounted High, Wind Noise At Fwy Speeds, Knob Not Secured Well, D Rings Little Small, Vents On The Cheap Side, Visor Release Lock Lame

BEST USES: Airsoft Battles, Commuting, Talking on the phone, Using The Banana Slicer, While Cooking, Walking around house, Whenever you ride, Checking The Mail, Saving your life, Jousting
April 23, 2013
Not a good helmet
I bought this helmet about a month and a half ago and started wearing it about two weeks ago. I was very disappointed. The helmet has so much wind coming into it from all directions i got debris in my eyes. Not only that once you go past 20mph you have to turn the speakers up in order to hear anything from the wind, causing the speakers to show their weakness and they sound terrible. however from my callers they say the mic works well. For the amount of money i paid i could have saved up another 100$ and gotten a way better helmet. I would no recommend this to anyone. Its flaws well out weight the cost.
May 27, 2013
Great helmet loaded with functionality
This helmet gets used and abused every time I get a chance to go out riding. It is loaded with tons of extra features that many higher end helmets lack. Functionality and ease of use are always a win win for me, the only two things I dislike about this helmet are the small hard to reach on button on the bluetooth controls and not being able to turn my head in any direction without feeling a little wind resistance at the chin. Some people complain about wind noise but in my experience you'll get it just about every time you're on a bike, but I must add that wind noise does not interfere with phone calls one bit. I've received phone calls at highway speeds and people don't even know I'm on a motorcycle, I find this hilarious. All sounds coming from speakers are also very audible.

PROS: Multiple colors available, Integrated Bluetooth, great ventilation, Drop Down Visor Is

CONS: Aerodynamics Need Tweakin

BEST USES: Allows For Voice Gps, Receive Phone Calls, Make Phone Calls
May 29, 2014
Loud speakers
The speakers are capable of getting painfully loud w/ some of the songs on my phone, which I count as a good thing (having a maximum that you never use is better than having a low maximum).

Furthermore, using 5 different people in rain, heat, fast, slow, etc. conditions at different times of the year on their own phones (against my one phone, which I doubt affects the outcome) none of them could tell I'm on a motorcycle unless I revved it, hard. Most couldn't tell even if I asked them to guess what I was doing at the time, as I'm flying down the freeway. What I'm saying is: you'll come out super clear. Sadly, however, the wind will cause the other person to be difficult to hear. The bluetooth interface is good.

The wind noise is just below intolerable (intolerable being that I would return it or forego it). This is with a bike with a micro-fairing - I'm sure it'd be fine with a well-faired or windscreened bike.

Some say it's tight, it is. As you go in, it's totally tight but then it's snugly around your neck. I find this to be awesome. I've had helmets where the helmet is held by the strap and I get it but with this helmet, the strap seems as if it's just there to keep the helmet on your head should something go wrong. I've forgotten the straps before (not recommended!) and if it weren't for the loud tapping noise of the strap button hitting your lid (you'll hear it) in the wind, I wouldn't even know.

All in all, an amazing helmet for the money. Needs work on wind but this will be the gold standard for bluetooth helmets in my eyes from now on.

CONS: Wind

August 21, 2015
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How much does the helmet weigh?
A shopper on Jul 26, 2016
Where can get new clips that clip on the visor? My. Clips got so worn out that one fell out one day while I was riding. I went to put my visor up and I heard it unclip and I had to leave it behind since I was on the highway
Mitch32 on Aug 4, 2016
How do I turn my dwo 4 off?
A shopper on Jul 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It's in the instruction booklet, but you press and hold both buttons simultaneously for 2-4 seconds. It will say "power off" and the lights will turn off
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