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Get connected to the road, your tunes, and your friends. Stop into your local Cycle Gear with your Bluetooth unit, and we’ll get it installed, paired to your phone, and give you a demo on all the features—totally free—just remember to bring your phone along!

  • A Superior Alternative To Earbuds

Many riders are used to relying on old, dusty earbuds. Unfortunately, they tend to fall out when you attempt to put your helmet on. Even if you get your helmet over them, a few head checks later, and they’re ready to fall out. More concerning still, once they’ve shifted, the music is no longer hitting right, causing you to focus on that and not the road—the last thing we need on two wheels is unnecessary distractions!

  • Benefits & Flexibility

With most Bluetooth systems, you can listen to music, FM radio, take calls, hear voice navigation via GPS or smartphone, and communicate with fellow riders who also have a communication system—the list of features and benefits is long.  

One of the best benefits for riders is the ability to use voice commands. Most of the latest Bluetooth communication systems allow you to adjust volume, change songs, make calls, or communicate with a fellow rider or passenger without ever lifting a finger. This will enable you to stay focused on the road and not get distracted trying to use your smartphone while riding. Sure, you could have voice commands turned on with your earbuds, but good luck getting your phone to hear you over the wind noise while rolling down the highway.

  • Convenience

Let’s talk about the convenience factor. Do you ever walk out the door and realize you forgot something 10 minutes down the road—like maybe your earbuds? You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your Bluetooth system because it lives in your helmet. Even when charging the unit, you may not even need to remove it from the helmet. Generally, you can even remove and wash your interior liner, put everything back together, and never need to remove the Bluetooth system. Pretty great, right?
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