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Bilt Techno Evolution Modular Bluetooth Helmet

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Bilt Techno Evolution Modular Bluetooth Helmet

Helmet technology has evolved over the years, and the latest modular design from BiLT is no exception. The Techno Bluetooth Evolution Modular Motorcycle Helmet features incredible ventilation, a drop-down sun shield, and an aerodynamic shape. All that and the ability to talk on the phone, listen to music , and get GPS directions make the BiLT Techno Bluetooth Evolution Modular Motorcycle Helmet a must have. Flip up the chin bar for convenience, lock it down for safety, and hit your favorite roads.


  • Ultra hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate modular shell
  • Radical shell design with aerodynamic shape for sleek performance
  • Integrated DWO Bluetooth system offers the following functions:
    • Mobile phone communication
    • Intercom for rider to rider or rider to passenger
    • GPS navigation instructions
    • MP3 connectivity
  • Quality metallic paint
  • Full-face modular helmet with pull-up chin bar
  • Double D-ring safety fastening
  • Quick release clear face shield
  • Separate drop-down tinted sun shield
  • Quick release push button chin-bar operation
  • Multi point surface mounted airflow ventilation system including chin, forehead, and metal mesh rear exhaust vents
  • Removable airflow comfort padded lining
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards
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The smart man's helmet
I've been using this helmet for two months for trips less than 30 minutes long. I haven't tried out the intercom, but I have been called while riding, and people seriously cannot tell I'm on a motorcycle, unless I rev the engine hard, or open the visor. Compared to my HJC is-17, it is more aerodynamically stable. There is less wind resistance, and less turbulence when in cross winds, than the HJC. At any speed, my HJC helmet was loud, however, this helmet is quiet on my naked sport bike all the way up to 70mph. They are basically equal at speeds over 80mph. At speeds over 100mph the HJC feels like a hand is pushing the helmet into your face, but this helmet remains comfortable. I've had this helmet out in 40f weather, with all the vents closed, and a scarf around my neck, it did a decent job of keeping my head warm at speeds of 60mph, however, SOME wind found it's way in. But that's good, cause otherwise visor would be very foggy. My face was slightly less than warm. This helmet does fine in over 85f, but I will normally use my HJC if I'm going on a short trip in hot weather, because the visor on it is better, and I won't feel guilty about getting the HJC sweaty. In terms of comfort, it is fine, unless you're wearing ear plugs, and a balaclava. My ear plugs were pressed against my ear lobes, along with the balaclava compressing my face. After a little over three hours on non-stop riding on the highway, my ears were very sore from the pressing on them. Listening to music the entire way made up for it though. It was loud enough to hear, even when going over 100mph. Just make sure you have your phone's volume all the way up, and the helmets volume up as well. One thing about the helmet is that that in order to lock the front face you have to lift the visor and pull both sides of the bottom face to the helmet with both hands in order to make sure both sides lock. Get this helmet when it's on sale.

PROS: Microphone quality, Plenty Loud Speakers, 5 year warranty, Aerodynamic, Eat Food With Helmet On

CONS: Heavy, Internal Visor Is Flimsy, Helmet Liner Is Cheap, Thin Visor, Terrible Instructions

BEST USES: Calls, GPS, Music, Crashing
June 8, 2015
Pretty Solid Overall
I ride a BMW GS 1200 series for both commuting and pleasure. Originally, I purchased the full-faced BILT Techno Bluetooth Helmet. That one fit too tight for the size, and (in my opinion), had too much noise associated with the venting system. I switched to the BILT Modular, because a) it fit better, and b) was more comfortable to wear. With the full-face, it came with the DWO-3 bluetooth, which was easy to pair with my iPhone, except I had to "Forget the Device" after each time I paired it. With the modular helmet, it came with the DWO-4 technology, which made it easier to pair with both my iPod and iPhone. I can listen to music, take calls, hear voice GPS directions, etc. You can adjust the volume through both the iPhone/ipod, and with the speaker settings. I have read reviews of people saying they could not hear, but haven't had a problem, even at highway speeds. As for the noise, there is a bit of noise, but that is to be expected, and has not been an issue for me. I have not made any calls yet, but that is a iPhone software issue, not a helmet issue. I don't need to make calls while riding anyway. I have taken calls, and in conversation been told they could not tell I was on a motorcycle, even riding at highway speeds. The visor is fine. The modular portions is great for cooling off, and not having to take the entire helmet off. The flip down tinted sun shield takes getting used to, due to its location and small switch on the side. My only issues are the following: 1) the ease of which they fog. For general commuting, coming to a stop light can cause them to fog up. Easy fix is just flip up the visor, so it really isn't a big deal. 2) The air vents. Maybe it is just me, but I don't feel any benefit from the air vents. I have seen reviews stating that it isn't aerodynamic and whips the head around. I have not experienced that. Generally, I would say it is a very good helmet, and I am satisfied with my purchase. I would also like to say that Cycle Gear has a good 7-day No Hassle purchase program, so if you are looking for one, try it out. If it doesn't work like you want it to, take it back for a refund or exchange during that time. Good times, and safe riding....

PROS: Bluethooth Connectivity, Comfort, Fit, Soundspeakers

CONS: Air Vents, Can Fog Up During Stops

BEST USES: Trips, Commuting
September 20, 2015
Great Buy
I'm so glad I switched to a modular helmet. No need for sunglasses. Fits well. Super easy to sync Bluetooth with my Note 4, phone calls were very clear. My son bought the same helmet and we have no problems hearing each other rider to rider. 80 mph+ going with the wind we had no problems communicating with each other. Going against wind, forget about it. It's the same with the super expensive bluetooth's. On slow rides, hot day it's refreshing to be able to pop the face up to cool off.
September 29, 2015
Rain or shine
I been using this helmet for about 7 months now and its still one of my favorites. Clear sound for calls and music for long ride . And battery last for a long time. Voice commands work with Google plus even reads my texts. Overall excellent when taken the time to set it up.

PROS: Easy to use with gloves, Bluetooth, good fit

CONS: Wind Noise

November 17, 2015
Pretty good . Great for price
I bought it for my commute and touring Helmet. Bought 1 for me and one for the girl. This helmet will feel tight to almost discomfort but does break in to a former fit. The helmets are easy to pair up. Pretty quiet for a modular. The headsets and ear pieces are good to about 70-75 on a low faired cruiser. I wouldn't recommend this for a naked sport bike. The features in all honesty are great but don't be expecting a 700$ Arai and you'll like it . It is well built nonetheless. Just remember the helmet will fit super tight at first and will break in in only a few days. I am pretty happy with it and exceeds my expectations of it.

PROS: Function, price

CONS: Odd Fit

April 28, 2015
Great helmet
Used on a loud cruiser, sound quality is great and not overly tinny sounding like cheap headphones do.

Sun visor is amazing.

Only gripe is wind noise at interstate speeds of 80 MPH.

PROS: Battery life is long, Well built, Bluetooth, Sun visor

CONS: Wind Noise At High Speed

BEST USES: Country Roads, State Highways, Around town
June 19, 2015
Great Price. Good Quality
As in most Bilt products, price is king. This helmet is nice quality, but seems cheap on the finish. IE: When the sun shade drops down, it has that unrefined clank that you might not find in a more expensive helmet. Comfort is nice and the pads are very comfortable. They fill the hole that your ears fit in with the Bluetooth speakers, so I had to upsize the helmet.
Do not even attempt to read the manual on the bluetooth. Type font is 2 point and even with a magnifying glass, is impossible to read. Found it on line and blew it up to a reasonable size on my screen before I could sync to my phone

PROS: Color, Comfort, price, Design

CONS: No Room For Ears, Sun Visor Sounds Cheap

November 11, 2015
Very nice helmet.
I had to send it back for the next larger size, although head measurement indicated I needed a large. Other than that I really like the helmet. The speakers are nice quality and are loud enough to listen to music at highway speed.

PROS: Looks great, Very nice features, Sun Shield Is Nice, Bluetooth Connected Well

CONS: Fit a little tight

April 9, 2015
Great product and Great Company!
I am happy with the performance of this helmet. I am even happier with the great customer service provided to me by Cycle Gear! Thank you!
August 21, 2015
Great Procuts
Extremely quick delivery. Customer Service department is very helpful. Only issue I have is still waiting for return label so I can return helmet for larger one.
March 25, 2015
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