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Cycle Gear was started by a world class racer, and we are looking to help other racers. Head over to your local Cycle Gear store to submit your application.

CG Racer Edward B. "Big Ed" Hearn


Being a 20-year Navy Veteran, I have always been faced with challenges throughout my military career. Whether it was getting that ground support equipment fixed so the aircraft could fly or standing that patrol during the midnight hours, it was all very challenging. Motorcycle road racing has enhanced my life because it allows me to push my limits and compete with other racers I would never have been able to at a normal Track Day. Motorcycle racing also requires me to stay in shape. After separating from the military the first thing we want to do is live a normal civilian lifestyle, which means no more working out 3-5 times per week, but as a racer you have to work out and stay fit in order to stay competitive at this level. I feel at the age of 41 I can still run with the younger group. Motorcycle Road Racing has also enhanced my life because it allows me to mentor other riders who are thinking about getting into the sport. Racing involves my family when it comes to traveling, working on the bike, nutritional needs, or just posting race/family photos on social media.

Cycle Gear has aligned with my racing program because they have always treated me as family and racing at this level family support is what you need. I have even had members from Cycle Gear come out and show support at some of the local races (Auto Club Speedway). I have always been greeted with open arms and it seems like everyone at Cycle Gear knows you and you know them. I will never forget the Racers Appreciation Night that Cycle Gear put together back in July of this year, I knew then that this was my dream and because of the help of Cycle Gear, this dream came true. I even get occasional phone calls just wanting to know how I am doing or how the race went. I have been a Cycle Gear customer since 2004, and I have always been treated with the utmost respect. “Cycle Gear I Salute You.” Now as a Navy Veteran, I still work for the military as a Department of Defense (DOD) Contractor working with Sailors and Marines. I also network with Sailors and Marines when it comes to motorcycle riding and being safe. It seems like every month there is a military member trying to get some new riding/racing gear but doesn’t really have the money to afford it. I have always referred them to my friends at Cycle Gear to get everything that they need on a budget that they can afford and possibly have some extra money to spare. Cycle Gear offers some of the best parts, accessories, and gear in the industry at competitive prices and you will always be treated as family.

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