Arlen Ness Big Shot 2 Fuel Tuner For Indian

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Arlen Ness Big Shot 2 Fuel Tuner For Indian

The Big Shot II adjustable fuel tuner offers the ability to add or subtract fuel from the fuel injection system. Using the same load based technology as the original Big Shot, the Big Shot II always knows how much fuel your bike needs whether you're going uphill, downhill, cruising, or even towing a trailer. Temperature and elevation do not affect the Big Shot II either. Essentially, the only time adjustment is needed is when you modify your engine. The Big Shot II is a plug and play system and does not require the use of a computer or dyno machine to get your bike running great.


  • Pull up to 10% of fuel out of the system
  • 16 positions of adjustability
  • Easy installation

This Product Fits:

Chief Classic 2014-2016
Chief Dark Horse 2016
Chief Vintage 2014-2016
Scout 2015-2016
Scout Sixty 2016
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