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Hotwired 12V Heated Inner Sole
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Hotwired Heated Insoles

The Integrated Heating System is strategically located throughout the garment to create the most effective heating performance providing gentle and evenly distributed warmth to your entire body. The Hotwired collection allows for garments and accessories to be inter-connected to provide whole body warmth and comfort. Using the latest ultra-fine technology - so thin it can barely be detected within the garment liner - the micro-alloy heating elements produce a gentle warmth reaching a maximum temperature in only seconds.


  • Ergonomically shaped foot-bed
  • Lightweight injection moulded sole with wicking surface fabric
  • Use independetly with direct battery harness or use in conjunction with Hotwired Pant Liner with pre-installed wiring system
  • Automatic temperature cut off
  • Size guide marked on sole for easy adjustment
  • Two year warranty
  • Power consumption: 17.2 Watts (1.5 Amps)
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too hot
yes they get too hot,, recommend using the on/off switch, or the heated pants have a connection for them, (eliminates the harness), and the pant controller does control the insoles with four levels, no more frozen feet, have ridden down to 35 deg.with this setup adding the gloves, very comfortably
January 7, 2016
Just what you need to prevent cold feet!
Tried wearing thick insulated socks and tried thermal liners, couldn't seem to get my feet to stay warm on long winter rides. Was originally looking for heated socks, but when I saw the price and lifetime warranty of the Sedici Hotwired gear, thought I would give the insoles a try.
Easy to install harness and a easy 'trim-to-fit' insole. I found it easiest to run the wires down my pant legs and hook the connector under my belt so that it stays put. The insoles are rated to be direct connected to the battery without any kind of controller. They provide more than enough heat! Last ride I had to disconnect them after about an hour of riding because my feet were getting a bit too warm!

PROS: Easy To Use, Durable

BEST USES: Long Rides, Cold Weather Riding
December 16, 2012
Couldn't be happier
I got a set of these for christmas and am overall very happy with them. I had been thinking about buying a set for a while but thought the cord coming out the heel area and up the boot would bother me. They fit perfectly in my boots and actually are a little more cushioned than the original insoles. I have ridden down to 23 degrees with them so far and my feet stayed nice and warm.

I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to be more comfortable while riding. I can see myself using these on a lower setting even through spring.

PROS: Easy To Use, Lightweight

BEST USES: Cold Extreme, Off-Road, Street, Wet Rain, Long Rides
January 3, 2013
Excellent for those cold days
These in-sole are great they work as described but you need a controller to control heat otherwise you get very very hot feet best to use on very cold days
and long rides make sure you save your original or buy temp insoles you dont want keep these in while you walk all day in them but they are comfy i'm size
10 in boots and purchased large they fit perfect.

PROS: Easy To Use, Versatile, Lightweight

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
February 24, 2013
Warm feet
We bought these to go with the Sedici gloves for my wife. Using these was pretty easy, although you need a separate controller for them since the gloves have them built in.
She says they kept her feet very warm, even riding in 28 degree weather with some snow thrown in.
The only issue was getting the thickness of the socks she wore to match the extra layer these inner soles add so that her feet were not squeezed in the boot.
Overall a great product to keep you warm in the winter.

PROS: Durable, Easy To Use

CONS: Bulky

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
February 14, 2013
Bang for the Buck
5 / 5
Would Purchase Again
5 / 5
5 / 5
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Keep your feet warm w/o getting too hot
My wife got me a pair of these insoles for Christmas, and so far, after a few rides with them they work perfectly. I rode for several years with a pair of headed socks and always had problems with the wires breaking as you pulled them on. Each season they would break at least once, and while I could fix them it was a pain, plus there were hot spots. These insoles keep my feet just right. No hot spots and they appear like they will hold up for many seasons.

The only small issue is that the top of your foot is a little cold when you start out, but once you have been riding for about ten minutes the heat begins to warm the boot, and thus your entire foot.

They take very little space in the boot and at least for me do not create a too tight fit. You do feel the wire running up the back and rubbing against your heel so you wouldn't want to walk with them for too long.

Overall, I am very happy with these insoles. There is nothing like cold feet to spoil your ride, and with these insoles, that won't be a problem.
January 13, 2017
Warm feet in cold weather
Inner soles fit easily into my work boots. Not enough room in my snug fitting Sidi's. It was 35F on my 100 mile ride and my feet were warm with the heat setting on medium. I was wearing the Sedici Hotwired jacket and pants liner. Good product. Buy it.

PROS: Lightweight, Versatile, Easy To Use

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
November 17, 2012
Bang for the Buck
5 / 5
Would Purchase Again
5 / 5
2 / 5
2 / 5
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Size XL fits Size 12 boots ! and my size 12.5 sketcher tennis shoes
These things are the bomb!!!... And I'm sure you are wondering what size to get... I bought the XL size and they fit perfect in my Size 12 Harley-Davidson Boots & Sketcher Tennis shoes with out trimming anything. I took the insoles out of my boots when i went to the store to purchase them so i could compare it and get the right size.
I'm not sure why they don't set the sizes on these other than LG or XXL and it would make life easier if they did it for all the Hotwired products.. but with that said i do recommend these inner sole liners and all the other Hotwired Line of products... Hope this helps!!
October 21, 2018
don't let cold feet stop you
used them w/steal toe wk boot temp was 30 deg. out for 2.5 hr ride could feel cold leather on sides and top of foot, feet stayed warm. thought cords coming up back of heel might be a bother, after had them on for while didn't notice them. if I ride when it's really cold out will use them with lined boots or wear thick socks or both. had control set at 25% to keep pants from being to hot so foot liners were running at 25%

PROS: Easy To Use, Lightweight

BEST USES: Street, Off-Road, Cold Days, Long Rides
January 14, 2013
Bang for the Buck
3 / 5
Would Purchase Again
2 / 5
5 / 5
1 / 5
Would you recommend?
They work, but you really need more to make them useful
Firstly, these fit pretty true-to size. My size 11 shoes worked fine with the "large" inserts. These insoles come with connecting wires to run up your pant legs and connect to you battery. They do not, however come with a controller, so there is no way to adjust the heat level, or even turn them off, other than disconnecting them from power (difficult while riding). I assume they intend for you to use them with the heated pants, which I don't have, and there is no way to run them off the jacket controller (that I found). They get VERY warm when connected directly to the 12v feed, more warm than I found to be comfortable, so I disconnected them and spent 11 hours with cold feet. Obviously, YMMV, but I felt like they should have included a controller or something.
March 26, 2018
1 year ago
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