Hotwired Heated Gloves

The Hotwired collection allows for garments and accessories to be inter-connected to provide whole body warmth and comfort. Using the latest ultra-fine technology - so thin it can barely be detected within the garment liner - the micro-alloy heating elements produce a gentle warmth reaching a maximum temperature in only seconds.


  • 600d abrasion resistant fabric and leather combination
  • Brushed fabric lining with comfort insulation
  • Use independently with direct battery harness or use in conjunction with a Hotwired Jacket Liner with pre-installed wiring system
  • Built-in temperature controller with 3 push button settings
  • Automatic temperature cut off
  • Reflective piping
  • Pull through wrist strap
  • Cuff adjustment tab
  • Two year warranty
  • Power consumption: 22 Watts (2 Amps)
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They are "okay", but a bit expensive.
I ride approximately 120 miles per day, and live a motorcycle-only life. I have owned these gloves for about a year, and don't usually review a product until I've REALLY used it. First, the bad.

The button on my right glove broke after just over a year of use. I've contacted Sedici about getting it repaired/replaced, so we will see how that goes. The gloves can make your hands sweat if the heat is high. They are not waterproof, so if it is really raining, your hands will be wet, but warm at least. The metal in the jacks will corrode easily. After being installed on my bike for less that one year, the metal jack on the battery cable was pretty badly corroded. After some use, the Y-cable and battery cable fit is a loose proposition, and occasionally, they will come unconnected during a ride. Not too often, but it happens. The cuffs are a little tight, making it kind of difficult to get over a jacket sleeve sometimes. I wish the velcro straps were a little more "stout". The plactic guide ring the velcro strap slides through always turns sideways, then you cannot get the gloves to strap down tight before running out of hook-and-loop. Without the heat on, your hands will freeze inside these gloves.

Now the good. They work really well. Kept my hands warm for almost two winters before the right glove broke, just over a year. The tight cuffs, while making it more difficult to get over a jacket sleeve, also help seal out cold air. Pick your poison. I'd rather see a looser cuff with an elastic draw-string or something, honestly. The Y-cable is easy to get on under your jacket, just hold each end, and put your jacket on, the cable will be neatly in your hand. The battery cables are long, giving you plenty of room to run to yourself or a passenger. The three temperature settings are nice, because these can go from HOT to warm easily. The physical construction of the glove shell is great, and the exterior of my gloves show very little wear, just on the leather (or pleather, I don't know) parts of the fingers and palm.

Bottom line: Overall, these are pretty decent, if just a little overpriced for their longevity. If I can get my broken glove replaced or repaired, that would be great. However, in the price range of these gloves, I would expext a bit more life before they begin to fail. If you are a casual rider they should last a long time, but if you actually spend a lot of time on a motorcycle, you may want to look elsewhere for something a little higher in quality that will last more han a year or two.

PROS: Comfortable, Easy To Use

CONS: Bulky, Not Too Durable

February 27, 2014
Excellent, No more pain..
first off i ride an 06 cbr1000rr, with wind chill factored in at 85 mph, 25 degrees becomes zero, I tried the glove liners first, dont waste your time, yes the glove liners are 65 dollars less and you can put them under your existing gloves but the difference is HUGE, the gloves produce way more heat that is more evenly distributed they have push button 3 heat position control, and for most of the ride i had them on low, it wasnt until i was riding at 85-95 mph through 25 degree weather for over 65 miles i cranked them on high and for once in my riding career my hands were so comfortably warm, it was amazing, I also purchased the heated jacket liner, when on high it feels like the summer sun is shinning down on your back, shoulders, arms and chest. the gloves can be turned on and adjusted independently of the jacket weather the jacket is on or not, the jacket conroller is very nice and is free with the jacket, its made to fit into an area inside the jacket and that would be fine if all you wore was the jacket liner, the reality is your going to have a protective jacket over the top. its a little difficult to find the button and operate so i ended up folding the wires and conroller down ward so it hangs out the bottom of my jacket, both the jacket and gloves heat up quickly, I cant find specs but i would say the glove liners are half the wattage of the gloves.
January 14, 2013
Hotwired gloves are HOT!!!
I've used Tourmaster Synergy gloves for the past four years. I've always felt that the Synergy gloves barely put out any heat, even on the high setting, and that's with using the separate wiring harness; try plugging them in to the dandy wiring of the Synergy jacket sleeves and your hands will freeze in even mid 30 degree temps while on the highway. Using the separate wiring harness results in more heat, but riding in the mid 20's, those gloves will allow your hands to "survive" but they won't be even remotely "comfy".

With the Hotwired gloves on the low setting, I get waaay more heat than the Synergy gloves on the high setting. There's no comparison. In low to mid 30's, I might turn it up to medium, but low is not bad in those conditions. High is simply too much for any weather I ride in.

The Synergy gloves have held up well over four years of use (winter time only) and seem to have slightly better build quality than the Sedici's. The Sedici gloves have a lifetime warranty, so I'm not too worried.

The Sedici gloves have more insulation than the Synergy gloves (100 grams vs. I think 70 grams of Thinsulate). As a result, they are a bit bulky. Hopefully, they will break in with more use and become more pliable.

I feel the Sedici gauntlet is too short, but I am starting to like it because it rained yesterday and the short gauntlet made it easier for me to tuck them under my jacket sleeve - something I wouldn't attempt to do with my Synergy gloves. After riding one hour in constant rain on the highway, my hands were dry.

I'm not fond of the separate controller for each hand. I wish one controller would control both gloves. However, I very much appreciate the controllers being built into the glove - you can't even tell they're there. With the Synergy gloves, you had a bulky controller that slid into a pocket on the right glove. You'd have to install or remove the controller each time you put on or took off the glove.

To the person complaining that the design of the wiring harness doesn't allow you to wear the gauntlet over your jacket sleeve...the wiring is flexible for a reason. Simply bend the wiring back (towards your elbow) when it comes out of the sleeve, put glove on, with gauntlet over the sleeve, then bend wire forward again to plug into the glove. The wire basically takes a "S" shape when everything is in place. I'm guessing you took a "straight" wire approach, which of course won't work.

PROS: Warm, Waterproof

January 24, 2013
Works great!
My bike's charging system opperates at 14.8V, at that voltage, HIGH was producing temps @180F according to my IR temp gun, too hot for extended periods but nice for a fast warmup. Have ridden with these down to 30F for 45min during my commute to work and on MEDIUM heat they work great, much better than my old Tourmaster Synergy gloves.

You will really want to try these on in person. I usually wear a LG but MED fit best for me.

Heat comes on instantly and completely covers the top of your hand/fingers.

They are a little bulky, but that is the nature of the beast for a winter glove.

Buttons are easy to use and well placed.

PROS: Easy To Use

BEST USES: Long Rides, Street
February 20, 2015
Finally !! Warm hands in cold weather!!
They warm up right now! My heated grips take a while to feel the warmth, but the gloves are warm in about ten seconds. I live in the Minneapolis area and ride from early March into December. My daily commute is about an hour each way on the freeways. These gloves make a huge difference. My hands don't get stiff and clumsy with the controls. I am comfortable and in control.

One thing that was not clear, to me, on the website is that the gloves DO come with the wiring you need to use them alone. They will hook up to a jacket liner, but you don't have to buy anything else to use them alone.

Also, I can state from experience the waterproof breathable membrane in them works as advertised.

As for being bulky this is not a problem. Any winter glove feels bulky compared to my normal gloves.

PROS: Easy To Use, Lightweight

CONS: Bulky

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
November 9, 2012
Warm Hands at last
The gloves, which plug into the sleeves of the liner, are a little bulky like most winter gloves but not as bad as others. Made of leather and cortech they have their own temperature control on top of each glove that has off, low, medium and high that is indicated by different colors.
The gloves have broken in nicely and do not hinder braking or shifting.I really like the heat settings being easy to get to on top of the glove. I usually start off on high but in just a few miles I have to turn them down.
A real asset to my riding pleasure. Sub 30's temps are no issue anymore.
Killer purchase.

PROS: Heat Contol On The Glove, Versatile, Instant Heat, Easy To Use, Durable


BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
November 14, 2012
I would buy again
Great for cold weather,keeps hands warm. Love the different temperature settings. Don't like the stiffness you get at first.

PROS: Easy To Use, Versatile, No Lag In Temperature, Quick Heating, Durable

CONS: Bulky, Stiff At First

BEST USES: Street, Cold Weather, Long Rides
May 29, 2015
I have tried 2 pairs now and first one glove would randomly turn off if I moved that hand,so I traded sides and sure enough that one glove kept failing, so it was not the wires. Then I traded for a new pair and both now randonly turn off when I move a hand. Not violent move like fistfighting, just waving at someone, reaching up to touch my goggles and light movement. I replaced wires because I had spares, with no luck, and the gloves just have very weak connections at the wrist where you plug them in. Another drawback is the gloves barely fit over my jacket sleeve. They could be an inch longer or at least a bit wider so the sleeve will fit in as designed. I have large gloves and unless I am wearing a dress shirt, it's hard to get a leather sleeve in because they are so narrow. They are usable but I would have preferred a bit better fit for the sleeve. But not working defeats the whole purpose.
March 20, 2014
Gerbings controller works!
25% off sale I could not resist.... gloves work very well with or without the jacket liner. Gloves work just fine with the Gerbings controller
February 15, 2015
Bang for the Buck
4 / 5
Would Purchase Again
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Protection & Durability
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Hotwire Heated Gloves
These gloves are good. Although I would not say perfect. The heating function works great. The on/off/adjust temp button is really clever - very easy to manipulate with gloves on. They are MUCH MUCH better than cold hands. I find the "fit" not ergonomically wonderful and the materials just a tad bulky. Perhaps just the nature of riding a motorcycle in cold weather; a rider has to have some bundling to make the ride tolerable. I wish the gloves had a better feel for the controls and were "softer", again for better controls feel. For me, I can ride with the gloves for an hour or two comfortably; but not really all day. I just prefer thinner gloves for a better controls feel. I suspect any winter motorcycle glove is going to sacrifice controls feel. The Hotwired glove is no exception. These are good gloves, easy to wire up, and I definitely want them in my top box when touring to have the option if the weather turns.
September 25, 2017
1 year ago
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