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Shape: Round Oval
Weight: 3.81 lbs.
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Bilt Explorer Helmet

The road calls to all of us, but sometimes the adventure takes you places that the road can't. If you find yourself on fire trails, single-track, or anything in-between, make sure that you are dressed for the quest. The BILT Explorer Adventure Helmet is feature packed with great ventilation, a drop-down tinted sun visor, and more making it ready to go wherever you want to.


  • Hi-tech injection molded ABS shell
  • Quality paint with double lacquer or flat matte finish
  • Full-face solid shell
  • Double D-ring safety fastening
  • Quick release clear visor fitted as standard
  • Separate flip-down tinted sun visor
  • Removable injection molded peak
  • Chin-bar airflow vent with metal mesh
  • Removable air-flow comfort padded lining
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards
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Great Dual Sport Helmet
* The helmet has great build quality. The inside chin guard area shows that with the plastic cover on the inside. The typical dirt bike helmet would just simply have the inside of the shell. I hear it creak a little when i grab the helmet by that spot but not that bad and doesn't feel like it will break or crush in. I also like how I can open or close the mouth vent there. I also like how the back bottom of the helmet is very flush and clean looking with the bottom back of the inside liner. It's tough to explain and I couldn't get a picture because there is reflector material there as well.

* If you don't like the Bilt logo on the helmet it is under the clear coat so don't expect to remove them easily. I don't think they look bad and at least the logo is simple and not flashy.

* Very little helmet lift at 60 MPH if any. You can notice the visor if you turn your head at 60 MPH but it isn't too bad.

* Some what poor ventilation. It works, but doesn't give a lot of ventilation. I could see this helmet being hot in the summer in Florida by only using the ventilation. Fall time it feels great. I don't get too much air under the chin guard which is a bonus for cool weather riding. I can increase the airflow a lot by simply cracking the visor which is how I will make it comfortable in the summer.

I rode in the fog the other day. I couldn't keep the inside from fogging then even with the shield cracked open. That might be pretty extreme conditions. In the heat of the day zero fogging. In the cool mornings only fogging if stopped, but it some what quickly clears up and it all clears up as soon as you start moving.

* The built in sun visor doesn't fog at all. That is a huge one for me. I had a IS-16 with the built in sun visor and couldn't stand when it kept fogging. The sun visor only has 2 positions, up or down. It was a little sticky at first and wasn't very easy to make it go up or down. I just put a drop of silicon oil just at the top of the switch so it would drip down under it and that solved that problem right up. It functions very smoothly now.

* Haven't tried dirt bike goggles on the helmet but I think they will fit as long as the shield is up.

* I have a large round head just under 24" and the XL fits me perfect. Just a little snug but no chipmunk cheeks and should break in to a good fit.

* I'm very happy with this helmet and would buy it again with out a doubt.

PROS: Good Visibility, Comfortable Padding, Fits Snug, Adequate Ventilation

CONS: Fogs In Some Situations

BEST USES: Passenger, Everyday Rides, Protection, Poor Weather, Off-Road
October 11, 2012
Really Like This Helmet
While I place high priority on safety, I've long considered big brand-name helmets to be grossly overpriced for what they really are. The Bilt Explorer is a great helmet at a great price. I've bought two other Bilt helmets and like them all; but the Explorer is quickly becoming my favorite.

Why all road helmets don't offer the invaluable option of a visor is beyond me. This alone is a huge safety advantage when heading westward in the piercing late afternoon autumn sun in GA. (Must be lack of atmospheric haze. It's my favorite season, but this time of year is always blinding here.)

Although I've had many in various price ranges, I had never really met a full-face helmet that I liked. They all made me feel claustrophobic and dangerously blind in terms of peripheral vision. Until now.

The dirt bike configuration of this helmet's chin bar affords much better downward and some better sideward peripheral view than any other full face I've worn. But the full shield means you don't have to wear goggles (which would really wreck peripheral vision).

The only (and minor) complaint I have with this helmet is that air from under the chin guard actually makes it to my ears. I don't fault this with the chin guard, however. Nor do I favor a chin guard wind insert (which I generally find ineffective). Rather, I think the helmet simply needs more cushion (perhaps removable) in front of the ears (as opposed to on the cheeks).

This makes wind noise, but not the kind you usually associate with a "noisy" helmet. I think the helmet itself is pretty quiet. But I get some direct wind across my ears, which may prove advantageous in mid-summer heat, but makes the helmet a cold one to wear on chilly mornings--especially on a dualsport bike without a windshield. On those days on my DR650, I end up wearing the Solar modular helmet. But if riding my DL1000 (has a small windshield), it's not a problem.

Despite this, I still feel compelled to rate it five instead of four stars, given its overall value and other advantages.

I think this is going to end up being the first full-face helmet that I can actually tolerate throughout the summer.

Still awaiting CycleGear's making replacement face shields available for it, which I assume will be soon.

I usually wear a large, but ended up chosing XL on all three of my Bilt helmets. But that's always difficult to predict; both helmets and heads vary in shape, not just size.

Although both my bikes are gray/silver, I really like the white Explorer and went with it. It's not the usual plain white; kind of a subtle sparkly slightly off-white. Kinda classy-looking finish, really.

Very well pleased with this helmet. If something happened to it, I'd be quick to buy another.

PROS: Good Peripheral Vision, Lightweight, Good Visibility

CONS: Wind Reaches Ears

December 7, 2012
Decent helmet for the right application
I use this helmet every day in city riding, backroad country riding, and interstate use. After putting around 1000 miles on it, I will rate this helmet best for typical use of under 60mph. It offers good visibility with the larger face opening, the peak does well at blocking out the sun at the bad times of day, and the tinted inner shield is useful for low light situations where you dont want to wear sunglasses.

Opening or closing the vents has no effect on how much air comes through, making this a pretty cold helmet. On the upside it has been comfortable for warm weather. At higher speeds it is prone to lifting due to the peak, more so if the visor is up, or pulling to the side especially on gusty days. Looking side to side at 70+mph pulls your head much more noticeably than on standard full face helmets. I give this helmet 3 stars because of the higher speed issues. I would rate it 4 for non highway use.

Overall, this is a reasonable helmet even if it isnt quite suited for my needs. It is generally a reasonable helmet, but probably best purchased on sale. It is comfortable and practical at lower speeds or for adventure riding. Ill buy a new helmet eventually, but will still keep this one around.

PROS: Fits Snug, Comfortable Padding, Good Visibility, Adequate Ventilation

CONS: Poor Aerodynamics, Visor Distortion, Prone To Fogging, Non Functional Vents, Noisy

BEST USES: City Riding, Everyday Rides, Off-Road
March 7, 2016
It saved my life!
This helmet is incredible! I recently wrecked my bike and was thrown from it and landed straight onto the Asphalt,HARD! i was wearing this helmet and its the reason i am being able to write this comment! It saved my life and there wasn't even that much damage to the helmet other then a few scratches.
Im never going to ride with any other helmet for the rest of my motorcycle career!

PROS: Fits Snug, Void Of Pressure Points, Adequate Ventilation, Good Visibility, Lightweight

CONS: Prone To Fogging

BEST USES: Protection, Off-Road, Everyday Rides
July 12, 2013
Great Buy
Erich's review seems to have it nailed down. Although I have not experienced fog issues yet, it is still warm here (Texas) and I'm sure like helmets that I have owned in the past when the cold comes they tend to fog *at least until I get moving. I have never tried those fog mask but I might on this helmet later on. As for ventilation I am use to full face street helmets and this is my first dual sport/dirt bike helmet I have ever owned. With that said to me it seems that the longer chin guard of this style of helmet lets in heaps of air compared to a shorter length chin guard of a standard full face street helmet say a Shoei or Arai, but I also have a TW200 with virtually no windscreen so that may offset how much air gets in. Helmet ventilation compared to higher end models of the same design/purpose I have no idea which is better, I do know that when I rode with standard street helmet less air came in from underneath though. And I believe due to the longer chin guard I can hear more road and engine noise but I sort of anticipated that so I was not caught off guard or disappointed with the build of the helmet. Visibility is GREAT and the added shade visor is okay I can't really imagine a person with a long enough nose that they needed to have a nose cutout on the shade visor, I would have liked a solid piece shade visor it takes some getting use to seeing tinted/clear windshield when you eyesight manages to look through it but I'm guessing that it is done for safety reasons maybe that it doesn't brake your nose in the event of a crash with the shade visor down, no idea just guessing? This Explorer helmet fits the bill for everything I wanted. I understood what I was buying and what quirks that may come from buying a helmet of this price range and for the price that it is sold, I will make sure to get another one before the sale ends.

PROS: Fits Snug, Adequate Ventilation, Good Visibility, Comfortable Padding

BEST USES: Passenger, Protection, Everyday Rides, Off-Road
October 19, 2012
Great product
Well built helmet with lots of features lacking one important thing tho a chin curtain to block turbulent air from entering under the beak.. Other wise a great helmet.. The retractable sun visor is amazing and allows quick adaptation for the riding conditions. A+ on features just needs a chin curtain....

I ditched an icon variant for this helmet. It's smaller and lighter and has better features.

PROS: Good Visibility, Fits Snug, Adequate Ventilation

CONS: Noisy

BEST USES: Poor Weather, Everyday Rides, Protection, Off-Road, Racing
November 4, 2012
Awesome helmet
I got this helmet because I could not yet afford the icon variant. So far I'm super happy with it. I've riding only 300 miles with it but I've done rain and shine. No problems fogging while moving.a lot of vents keep u cool but a little noisy. Cross wind buffeting is real bad but as long as u don't look up regular riding is great. Tight fit is nice also vary light.

This being said still looking at the icon when I get some extra money.

PROS: Adequate Ventilation, Comfortable Padding, Awesome Looks, Fits Snug, Lightweight, Void Of Pressure Points, Good Visibility

CONS: Crosswind Buffeting, Noisy

BEST USES: Protection, Off-Road, Passenger, Everyday Rides, Poor Weather
October 30, 2012
Superb styling &good features!
The first test of the product was when I picked my new fire engine red 1200GSA(BMW) in Florida and drovr it back to California 6 days before Christmas. To say the weather was inclement is a severer understatement... Tornados, Rain, more rain, Hail, snow and then that area called Texas that warmed up around 48 degrees by noon. I wore the BiLt helmet the entire time, it has has issue of fogging after becoming too wet and takes a long while to dry out, so that you can continue the ride. Ventilation good, chin gets pretty cold and wet and requires you to pull up a turtleneck to get some feeling back in it,

Coming across throughTexas after leaving Louisianna I Thought I had been pooped on by a low flying bird, only soon after hearing a vibration from the helmet, so as I avoided a tornado I pulled into rest area to see the cause of the noise... Well one of the three small nuts &bolts that hold the visor on fell off. So tacked it in place, with some double sided tape until I could purchase gorilla glue. The good news was when finally made it to Cyclegear store near Dallas they set me up... Fixed the helmet, looked it over and had me on my way in less than 15 minutes- thanks guys!!

For the rest of the story, let's just say its exactly what I had expected... No cooperation from "MotherNature", however the bike and ride was superb, I received compliments about the helmet from many and learned never to never leave it alone, people always wanted to check it out. Again superb styling, good ventilation, fair for quietness, marginal on Anti-fogging, visibility is great, construction is fair. I would suggest every store have a war chest of accessories including the nuts &bolts, that is unless they cannot get BiLt to add locktight to certain bolts/nuts. Overall I give it a 8.5.
April 19, 2013
Great value for dual purpose (adventure)
I ride in 90 degrees plus 75 miles a day in traffic, great helmet for the price, I love the smoke visor, lets you ride at slow speeds with the shield in open position so there is plenty of ventilation.

PROS: Fits Snug, Good Visibility, Adequate Ventilation

BEST USES: Everyday Rides, Poor Weather, Protection
June 29, 2013
An excellent value
This is an excellent off road or supermoto helmet you know will get beat up. I love my Arai helmet but could not justify the money for an Arai DX model knowing its going to get scratched, dropped and dinged. It fits very comparable to my Large Arai Profile only two whole sizes smaller. I tried on a Large then a Medium then a Small and surprisingly the Small was snug but not painful. Bilt helmet padding seems to break in quickly so I went with the small and it fits me perfect. It does tend to fog up while off roading in the 40°F rain. But for the money its an excellent value and would buy it again for sure. Just make sure to get the correct size. I couldn't believe a Small fit me the best...

PROS: Lightweight, Can Run Goggles, Fits Snug, Great Value

CONS: Sizing Is Bazaar, Prone To Fogging

BEST USES: Supermoto, Off-Road
October 24, 2012
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