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Bilt Apollo Helmet

Modular helmets are a great choice for the active rider. The Apollo is no exception providing the convenience of an open face helmet with the added safety of a full face. A high quality finish and great ventilation are just some of the features. Put one on, flip down the sun shield and ride. It's Showtime!


  • Hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • Quality paint with double lacquer or flat matte finish
  • Full-face modular helmet with pull-up chin bar
  • Double D-ring safety fastening
  • Quick release clear faceshield fitted as standard
  • Separate flip-down tinted sun shield
  • Quick release push button chin-bar operation
  • Multi point surface mounted airflow ventilation system including chin guard, venture, and rear exhaust vents
  • Removable air-flow comfort padded lining
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards
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Best Helmet I've ever owned!
This is the second Aplollo that I've had in 6 weeks. Please don't let that mislead you. I bought the first one in the store in GREENVILLE, SC and rode everyday for 6 weeks and found it to be more comfortable and cooler in the 90+ degree heat then other modular helmets I've owned. I've been riding over 30 years and have had a wide variety to compare it to. Now comes the reason I had to get another one. I was hit by a tractor trailer on the interstate at 70 mph. The truck crossed 3 lanes and hit me with the trailer and next thing I know my bike and I are rolling down the highway. Well I survived with road rash on my right side and remained awake and alert through the whole crash. The only damage to the helmet, which I was riding with it open, were severe scratches to the right and the clear visor came off on the left side due to impact force. I know for a fact this helmet saved my life and I can honestly say it was crash tested by me! If anyone wants to see pictures I can provide them.

PROS: Void Of Pressure Points, Adequate Ventilation, Lightweight, Comfortable Padding, Good Visibility

BEST USES: Everyday Rides, Poor Weather, Protection
August 15, 2015
Good quality, good price, feels good !!
I've been wearing a great-quality 3/4 HJC helmet but recently traded in my Harley for a Concours 14ABS. With the upcoming cool weather and the evening bugs, in combination with the amazing speed of the new bike, I decided to find myself a full-face helmet. I liked the price of this helmet and the reviews looked good so I got myself a black one. I tried on the more expensive model with the Bluetooth but the Apollo model felt so much better. The medium fits great -- my HJC is also a medium -- and the helmet is very comfortable. As another reviewer noted, the strap is a smidgen short but it's certainly not a deal breaker. The visor is so clear that it may as well not be there -- it's amazingly clear and distortion free. I've only ridden with the helmet for about 100 miles -- one ride -- but I'm so excited by the quality and comfort of this helmet. I also like the long warranty and the seven-day trial period Cycle Gear offers. I bought the helmet along with their deluxe cover and they both seem to be great values.

PROS: Comfortable Padding, Void Of Pressure Points, Adequate Ventilation, Good Visibility

BEST USES: Saves My Face From Bugs, Protection, Everyday Rides
September 14, 2013
Nice for the price
Nice price for a modular helmet. I would buy this item again. However, there should be a couple of improvements to make it a best buy. The chin strap is about 3/8 to 1/2 inch too short. I had to work to get it to snap to itself. The internal visor should be reconfigured to be about 1/16 to 1/8 of a inch shorter. Unless the helmet is lifted back and up, the visor hits on the end of my nose. Unless you can try one on in person, it is a risk to get one that fits your head. I normally wear a XXL, but the XL in this helmet fit me better and without pressure points. If you are looking for an inexpensive modular, this is the none!

PROS: Good Visibility, Fits Snug, Comfortable Padding, Adequate Ventilation, Lightweight

CONS: Chin Strap Too Short, Inside Lens Too Close

BEST USES: Protection, Everyday Rides
March 10, 2013
Bilt Apollo vs Bell Revolver Evo
I ordered both the BILT Apollo and the BELL Revolver Evo helmets size XL in hi vis day glo yellow. The Revolver attracted me as it appeared to be a nicer, cleaner looking helmut, all one color as the Apollo has contrasting dark gray and black trim. The Revolver has one small Bell logo on the front and the Apollo has a large Bilt logo on both front and back, which I don't like. Out of the boxes the Revolver is an overall larger looking helmet and definitely a heavier helmut.
The venting features and face shield features are very similar on both helmets but the Apollo seems easier to operate. The sun visor on the Apollo is darker and easier to flip up/down ( the Revolver has a spring mechanism). The chin shield opening operation on both helmets are similar but the Apollo opens higher and clicks up in place where the Revolver doesn't click in the up position and could possibly fall down.
The Apollo helmet is much easier to put on and take off especially if you wear eyeglasses as I do. And no need to remove your glasses. The Revolver helmet is difficult to put on/remove, the temple and cheek pads on the Revolver are way to tight and distort your eyeglasses as well as being very uncomfortable and I even tried to compress them with no success. I am 6' and 200 lbs., both helmets fit snug but the Apollo is actually very comfortable to wear, the Revolver is not.
The chin strap closure on the Revolver is nicer and easier to use. Some reviews state the Apollo chin strap is too short but if you adjust it properly it fits perfectly. It is designed to adjust it snug so your helmut doesn't move in an accident- must be a good safety design. I didn't find the Apollo noisy to wear and it is much quieter than my Fulmer 3/4 helmet with face shield.
In my opinion the Apollo is the hands down winner in this comparison and the icing on the cake is that it is $100. less money to buy.
The day glo hi vis yellow is a smart choice, a safety color that all the other motorist on the road with you are sure to see you and it has become a trendy color too.
I sure hopes this helps. Happy motorcycling!

PROS: Lightweight, Comfortable Padding, Fits Snug, Void Of Pressure Points, Scratch Resistant, Good Visibility, Fog Resistant, Best Buck Bang, Adequate Ventilation

CONS: Chin Strap A Little D, Chin Strap Not Easy, Too Many Logos

BEST USES: Protection, Hi Vis Day Glo Safety, Everyday Rides
August 11, 2014
Read this before buying
Ok I read the reviews, and bought the helmet. This is how I feel about the product.

I don;t think you should buy this product on line. You should try it before you buy it. Read on.

Common complaints.
Heavy. Yes it is. But there is a lot of stuff to this or any other modular helmet, so yes it is going to be a little to a lot heavy depending on what your used to. I stepped up from a full face helmet so the weight difference was minimal but yes it is heavier.

Noisy. It is noisy but I found only at highway speeds was it any more noisy than my other helmet. I usually wear a ear buds anyway so It wasn't a big problem for me.

Ventilation. I found it made little if any difference with the vents open or closed and I did feel it was a little stuffy.

The strap was too short, Believe it or not it's true. I am a good sized guy but certainly not obese. I have one inch of strap to work with. Tread it through the D rings and I have 1/2 inch of free strap left. This is a very annoying problem and the reason I went 4 stars.

The fit is a must wear before you buy. Why? I wear an extra large helmet. I bought an extra large helmet. If my nose was just a 1/4 inch larger (I kind of have a small nose} the sun shield would hit it and probably create a problem. The helmet seems to be a little tight from front to back. I'm hoping the padding will compress with time. Again, 1/4 inch and it would be perfect.

One other thing. There are a lot of mechanical things going on in this helmet. I believe the more function a product does the more likely for something to fail. This is probably the primary difference between a price point product and a high end product. So I'll have to see how long this helmet lasts.

Over all I really like the features of this helmet and I feel like the pros out weigh the cons. Also I didn't notice any of the reviews mention the chin baffle. It works very nicely and removes the uplift and other wind related issues I have with my other full face helmet.

PROS: Good Visibility

CONS: Noisy, Strap Too Short, Heavy

BEST USES: Protection, Everyday Rides
July 22, 2014
Great Helmet so far
Just Bought the helmet and only rode about 30 min. with it but low noise level, Fits comfortably, Vents are more than adequate, Easy to operate, and pushes my head around less than my 3/4 helmet. Only gripe I have is no pockets for bluetooth speakers, I bought the Uclear 100 with it and the speakers are tight on the ears with it and can see it making it uncomfortable on long rides.

PROS: Fits Snug, Good Visibility, Fog Resistant, Adequate Ventilation, Comfortable Padding, Lightweight, Void Of Pressure Points, Scratch Resistant

BEST USES: Poor Weather, Protection, Everyday Rides
April 17, 2013
Apollo mod
I was in a high speed crash in this helmet and it did in fact save my life.

PROS: Crashworthy, Comfortable Padding, Adequate Ventilation, Lightweight, Fog Resistant, Fits Snug, Good Visibility, Strong An Durable

CONS: Prone To Fogging

BEST USES: Poor Weather, Racing, Protection, Passenger, Off-Road, Everyday Rides
June 29, 2013
Update from 9/14/13 -- great helmet !!
This is an updated review after a year and a half of use. I bought this helmet for use on my Concours 14. I've had three bikes since but still use the same helmet. It's proven to be comfortable and durable and the face shield, which I commented was exceptionally clear, has remained exceptionally clear with regular use of Plexus. That is, until about a month ago when the helmet rolled onto the ground and the shield got a little abrasion. I'm extremely satisfied with the helmet -- I wish it were a little more quiet and the ventilation were a little better -- but overall, I'm well satisfied. I plan to replace the helmet with either a yellow or white one and keep my black helmet as a spare. Highly recommend this product !!

PROS: Good Visibility, Durable, Comfortable Padding, Void Of Pressure Points, Lightweight

CONS: Poor Ventilation

May 10, 2015
Nice quality product at a reasonable price.
I have a windshield and I use the helmet as an open face model as well as full coverage. Works well in both positions.

PROS: Fog Resistant, Lightweight, Good Visibility, Scratch Resistant, Great Value And Style, Void Of Pressure Points, Adequate Ventilation, Comfortable Padding

BEST USES: Passenger, Protection, Everyday Rides
August 6, 2015
Great for the price.
Love the Day-Glo color. The fit was much better for my head shape than the Solar. Possibly I have an oval shaped head? The Solar had pressure points on my forhead, no good. The Apollo not only fits better, is quieter than my old helmet (KBC), lighter and just wonderful. Fog resistant with great ventilation, and I love the sun shield. The little chin shroud thingy is a pain in the butt, but now that it's warmer, I've removed it. Still love my helmet.

PROS: Good Visibility, Adequate Ventilation, Void Of Pressure Points, Comfortable Padding, Lightweight, Fits Snug, Fog Resistant

April 26, 2013
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