Duraboost Battery Maintainer 750

The DuraBoost Charger/Maintainer 750 is perfect for those wanting to charge and maintain their 12v lead acid battery. It constantly monitors your battery voltage and if it falls below 12.8V, the charger will charge the battery at a constant 750mA until the battery is fully charged (13.6V) and then turn itself off.


  • Checks for proper battery connection polarity and for internal battery damage
  • Automatically switches from charge mode to maintenance mode
  • Red LED light shows when charging and changes to green when fully charged
  • 0.75 amp charge rate
  • Overcharge and Short Circuit Protection
  • Includes SAE quick disconnect battery lead and SAE Alligator clip lead
  • Safe for use on all 12v Lead Acid type batteries including, Conventional Flooded (wet), Factory Activated Maintenance Free (MF/FA), Absorbed Glass Mat Maintenance Free (AGM), and Gel (Gel Electrolyte) type batteries
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Battery maintainer 750
I have four batteries that need to be maintained. Two motorcycles, a lawn tractor and a generator. I'm aware of maintainers that can simultaneously charge multiple batteries but I can't locate all four close together and I don't want to remove the batteries. The quick connect pigtail provided makes it as good as it gets when you want to use the device the battery is in. You can move one maintainer on a rotating basis to multiple batteries if so desired by buying or building additional pigtails. The plug is a common trailer connector item readily available. I purchased two Battery Maintainer 750s. With a total of three battery maintenance devices I only have to swap rarely as I ride one of the motorcycles quite frequently as long as there is no snow which is most of the winter where I live in SW Washington. I've only used the two new maintainers for two days but have observed them to stop charging as designed when the battery reaches a specific voltage. I believe the Battery Maintainer 750 is a very good value for the money.

PROS: Very Compact Maintainer, Quality Wiring Provided

CONS: Have found none

October 2, 2014
Great product!
I own two of these chargers now. The first one worked well so I bought another. Does exactly what I bought it for: it keeps my battery charged between rides.

PROS: Works as advertised

CONS: None so far

February 4, 2015
Works like its supposed to
Battery maintainer works like its supposed to. It's been holding up to the weather well, my bike stays out side all year, snowed on and rained on a few times already. Definitely works, my bike is a lot easier to start on those 30 degree mornings. It's so small you can unplug it from the power source and take it with you, use it at work or for a weekend trip to make sure your battery is good to go.

PROS: Durable, Weather resistant, Easy to use

CONS: Terminal Connectors Cheap

BEST USES: Cold weather, Everyday
February 5, 2013
Works better than other chargers I have
It's quite a good deal. I really like the colored led's that show exactly what's going on. The only problem I couldn't find much information on what the lights meant. What I determined is the red light means it's charging, green means it's fully charged and quits charging until the red light comes on for a short time to top it off, then back to green, etc. Seems like a good way to do it.

PROS: Does what they say

CONS: none

August 27, 2013
Just What I Wanted
I bought these to keep the Batteries in my 4 wheelers and lawn tractors on out property ready to use and these were just what I was looking for at an absolutely great price. I have just started using them but they brought all the batteries right up to full charge.

PROS: price, Size

December 1, 2014
Easy to order
These are great to prolong your battery life!
March 7, 2015
Life Saver
My scooter failed to start after sitting in the cold for two weeks,and after only being on charge for a couple of hours,the battery was charged and ready to go.

PROS: Works very well

CONS: Not waterproof

January 8, 2013
Does the job
It is lightweight and easy to use. At first use on a partially discharged battery it was flashing red. Instructions did not explain what this meant. It later turned to solid red and then the next day to green.
Definitely a slower charge than the 'Battery Tender' by Deltran. The cables are definitely inferior quality. For a few $ more the Deltran Battery Tender Junior is probably a better value but this is adequate for the scooter I use it for.

PROS: Harness Clips Included, Compact, Easy to use

CONS: Harness Short, Instructions minimal

January 3, 2013
Cheap insurance for my battery
This item is a must for winter storage of our bikes. This product does the job and is super affordable. At this price there is no reason not to have one.

PROS: Affordable Simple

CONS: none

January 15, 2014
works OK
Does what it is suppose to. really good sale price !
November 21, 2014
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