Trackside Grip Heaters

There's nothing like frosty mitts to take the fun out of a cold-weather ride.

Get some Trackside Grip Heaters and keep those hands toasty all winter!


  • One warmer per grip
  • Convenient on-off switch
  • Self-adhesive pads for easy application
  • Warmers fit under any grips
Fitment Notes & Exceptions
This is a universal fit part; it may or may not fit without modification.
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Good, with a few caveats
Overall a good product but I didn't install the resistor used in the Lo setting. I tried it out first and made the mistake of touching the resistor to see how hot it gets. Plenty hot, let me tell you.

I just use it on the Hi setting and didn't even wire the Lo circuit.


PROS: Works as advertised

CONS: Smoking hot resistor

May 13, 2009
Good grip heaters!
They work great, but to hook them up correctly, you will need to spend about another $20 or more dollars. You need extra wire, crimps, a relay, inline fuse, etc.

Other than that, I love them! Great heat and they have a low/high setting which is good.

PROS: Work great, Good low and high heat

CONS: Not enough material, Needs better instructions

BEST USES: Unknown weather condition, Cold Mornings, Commutes
September 10, 2009
As good as my MUCH more expensive grips!
Great buy! You can't get electric heat to your hands for less than this! These work as well, if not better, than my $120 heated grips. I use them on my Dual Sport bike & only wired up the HIGH temp setting.... Can't believe I'd complain about this but they are almost too hot on high. I was concerned that there was not a larger element for use on the left side to compensate for heat transfer to the bar. Turned out to not be an issue because the elements get plenty hot!The plastic toggle switch provided did not inspire confindence for offroad use but $6 will get you a better switch from any local auto store.

PROS: Get VERY hot, Great Value, Easy To Install

CONS: Plastic toggle switch

January 8, 2010
These install easily and work well. Use heat-shrink tubing under grip heater on clutch side of aluminum handlebars to prevent the bars from soaking up all your heat, just makes them work better. These come with porcelain resister for the "low" setting which does reduce their output but wastes power to do it. Instead I used a solid-state LED turn-signal flasher from the Speedmetal wall ($15) so on high my grip heaters are full-on and get very warm through my ProTaper PillowTop Grips but on low, they're wired through the turn-signal flasher and they "blink" on and off like a turn-signal. You don't feel the blinking on and off, they just feel warm but less hot than on high. A GREAT MOD that doesn't waste any power like the resistors, which get very hot and so must be installed carefully. Modify at your own risk.

PROS: Low profile, Simple, Price

CONS: Cheezy Wiring, Resistor

BEST USES: Long Rides, Winter, Rain, Winterspringfall
April 19, 2014
Excellent value. Some installation tips
I got these on sale for under 30 bucks and for that price they are an incredible value! I never thought heated grips would help so much, but now I have extended my riding season at least another month. Even with heavy gloves on, the heat eventually works in there and makes the glove an oven!

I have a 2008 kawasaki Vulcan 900 with stock rubber grips. I peeled them off, rolling it back on itself like peeling a banana. Search for "grip removal" on YouTube, basically just muscle the things off. I was able to reuse my grips.

"low" setting on switch isn't really necessary, but I hooked it up anyways. People have commented that the switch is backwards, but if you follow the diagram on the back of the package everything will work fine! Initially I wired it incorrectly, disregarding the package. I thought the wire for "high" should attach into the upper position where high is labeled. It actually goes on the bottom, as shown in the diagram. Just follow the diagram and it will work fine.

The heaters are essentially big stickers, peel the label off and wrap them around the handle bar with their adhesive. Allow a little slack in the wires on the throttle side, that should go without saying. The heaters are very very thin, they shouldn't affect the re-application of your grip. I highly recommend putting an inline fuse on the positive wire, they are a 15 amp draw so a 20 amp fuse ($6) should be sufficient. I wired mine with a 40 amp relay ($7) coming off the battery so that when the key is turned off, the heaters are as well. The switch wire for my relay goes to the running lights. You will also need about 8' extra wire. Even with these extras to be purchased at the auto store, I didn't spend more than $50 on the whole project. Money very well spent!

PROS: Easy To Use, Versatile, Lightweight

CONS: Flimsy

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
November 19, 2015
Great, for the money.
Overall, they're great for the money. I love having them. I expected that they would cause the grips to slip by now from off-road riding, but they haven't.

I've had to do some repairs though in the 2 years I've had them. I ride exclusively off-road, so I'm pretty hard on them. The movement in the wire on the throttle side has caused the wire to break twice. Could have a better design. Easily fixed though.

The resistor gets hot, so it's difficult to strap down without melting something and the leads are weak. Could provide some kind of heat shield attachment. Then the leads wouldn't be so vulnerable. Now I'm looking for a replacement resistor. I just disconnected it and can still use it on the high setting.

Throttle side feels hotter, because the throttle tube insulates the grip from the cold aluminum bar.

PROS: price, Doesn't slip, Warm

CONS: Install is little tricky, Wires weak

BEST USES: Off-road, Dual-sport
April 26, 2011
Good Product - Great Value
These are moderately simple to install. Just follow the instructions. However, you will need to buy a Fusible Link ($1.95 at the auto parts store), as this is not included in the packaging. I recommend 14 gauge wire with a 15 amp fuse. Also, be sure to wire this into switched + power from your ignition switch (you can Google the proper wiring diagram for your bike). Also, I found the toggle switch a little on the cheap side and also a little clumsy. I sourced a really nice SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) rocker switch ($6.95) from a wiring products store. This made it! Once you go heated grips - you won't go back.

PROS: Easy To Use

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
February 14, 2013
Everybody needs warm grips in the winter
Installed these on an RC51 with a set of new Pro-Grip gel grips. High setting gets downright hot and low provides a nice thorough warmth. The resistor gets stupid hot when on low, so be aware when figuring out where to install it. For the money though, the heating elements work great. Installation was a bit of a pain with all of the wires everywhere, but functionally the heated grips work as advertised. I do question the durability of the wire connections to the heating elements, but for now everything works just fine. It sure is nice to have warm palms on a cold ride.

BEST USES: Street, Long Rides
December 7, 2012
Simple, Inexpensive, Work Well
I've installed these grip heaters to all of my street bikes (3), and overall have been quite pleased with them. It takes a few minutes for the grips to warm, but they warm enough to keep my hands warm enough with my non-insulated gloves for a 15 mile ride to the office on local freeways.

I don't use the switch which is way too large, but use a mini toggle switch from an electronics store, and zip tie it to my clutch cable. I also don't use the resistor, so I only run them on the high setting. In the rare instances where they get too warm it's easy enough to switch them off for a short period of time. I've had one set on my bike for over 5 years and they're still going strong. Care must be taken to leave enough slack on the throttle side. I made the mistake of using some heat-shrink tubing on the throttle side once, and the added stiffness caused the solder joint on the throttle side to fail after just a few months. Resoldering it was easy enough, but in the meantime my throttle hand was cold...

PROS: Lightweight, Easy To Use, Use With Any Grips

CONS: Connections At Grips Weak, Switch Too Large

January 5, 2013
Money Well Spent!
The money spent on this product makes it a no-brainer to extend the riding season. I added an automotive style relay and fuse holder for safety and to ensure it didn't kill my battery if I left the switch on. I don't recommend using the "low" setting because the power resistor in the kit gets extremely hot! Some electrical knowledge is required to install this product safely.

PROS: Inexpensive, Easy to install, Easy To Use

CONS: Moderate Quality

BEST USES: Off-Road, Street, Long Rides
February 2, 2013
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