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Shorai LFX Lithium Iron Battery LFX07L2-BS12

Shorai LFX Lithium motorcycle batteries are some of the lightest and most powerful replacement batteries available. Most motorcycle owners are used to hooking up a tender to their lead-acid batteries, all the time. Shorai LFX have a much slower self-discharge than the best lead acid batteries. This means that they can still crank your vehicle even if the remaining capacity is low. A fully charged LFX can sit for a year or more and still retain adequate starting capacity, without damaging the battery. As such, any vehicle which has no current flowing when the key is off should not need a tender. Newer vehicles may have a significant draw even when the key is off, to maintain clocks and computers, etc. In this case Shorai expects that a few hours of riding per month will be all that is needed to avoid tending. At most this battery only needs to be charged once or twice a year, depending on the use and average storage temperature.


  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Ultra light- one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
  • Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance
  • Zero sulfation for longer service life
  • Super-fast recharge rate
  • No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
  • Military spec carbon composite case
  • Multiple terminal connection options
  • Includes adhesive back foam sheets
  • Factory activated
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 2 year warranty


  • 12 V- Volts
  • 102 CCA- Cold Cranking Amps
  • 7 Ah- Amp Hours
  • 7 A Max Charge Rate
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs/0.483 kg
  • Left side negative terminal location
  • Case Size 2: 58mm/2.28" x 113mm/4.45" x 89mm/3.5"
  • See Shorai Specs PDF below for full fitment guide


  • All Shorai Batteries require charging out of the box prior to use.
  • It is extremely important that you use only the appropriate battery for your bike. A battery with incorrect amperage may damage the battery and your bike.
  • Shorai Batteries require a charging system output of 13.1 Volts or higher at idle and must not exceed 15.2 volts at maximum output.
  • Shorai Batteries may not be a drop in replacement for all bikes, some modification to battery box, terminals etc may be necessary.
  • Shorai recommends NOT using a charger or tender if it has a desulfation mode which cannot be turned off. Shorai has confirmed that the Battery Tender brand does NOT have a desulfation mode and are OK for use with Shorai LFX batteries. However the best possible charger/tender for the Shorai LFX is the Shorai SHO-BMS01 Battery Management System.
Fitment Notes & Exceptions
  • Please confirm specs and size requirements prior to ordering
  • Size: 58mm/2.28" wide x 113mm/4.45" long x 89mm/3.5" tall
  • All Shorai Batteries require charging prior to use
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Totally worth the money
This was my first lithium ion battery and after doing a lot of research I decided on this Shorai battery for my 2005 CBR600RR. It's usually no cooler than 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings here and the battery starts no problem every time. The battery is extremely light weight and you can feel the quality that is put into it. Plus the battery has a 3 year warranty. It is going to cost you a little more than a lead acid but there are so many benefits that the extra cost is completely justified. I am highly satisfied with this battery.

PROS: Long life, Reliable, Powerful, Light Weight

CONS: Expensive

September 15, 2015
Very pricey addition for KLR650, BUT way light and very quick starts now. KLR jumps to life almost instantly:). Amazed at its light weight, never seen one before so light. Installed in KLR in seconds, with some foam shim supplied with battery. Very close to same size as stock battery, a tad smaller in height/ width only. Startups are so much quicker, another wow. Never thought the KLR was bad at starting until this new battery went in, simply amazing:). Did I mention LIGHT weight!!! Unreal light:)
June 9, 2013
great warm weather battery, not good choice for cold morning
used the battery for 2 years, charged daily and still had issues in the winter starting the bike. even resorted to using battery tender at work, which didn't help much!! you will be disappointed if you ride in the winter.

PROS: Light Weight

CONS: Low Power In Cold Temps

July 9, 2015
Shorai LFX Battery
Very Nice Battery. It's beyond lightweight compared to the lead-acid batteries. It needs very little maintenance. Would definitely recommend for sport-bike applications.

PROS: Lightweight, Reliable

CONS: Price

April 3, 2016
Premium Battery
Great battery so far and works as intended. The battery itself is a lot lighter and smaller than a conventional motorcycle battery. Originally my bike had a megaboost battery but I got fed up replacing it every 6 months (albeit free under warranty) and this one should last a lot longer.

PROS: Brand Name Reliability, Lithium, Light, Small

CONS: Expensive

March 15, 2016
unbelievably light
weight means a lot... if i still had my jetski i would buy one in a heat beat...... my 2002 Katana never started
up that fast and I didn't even have to use use the choke granted it was not that cold but that bike wont start without it ........this is the next best thing....granted
I haven't had it that long but so far I love it

PROS: Faster Start Ups, Light Weight

September 11, 2014
Best battery for you buck!
Great battery! I did some research before going with the shorai lith ion over the basic autozone lead acid and it's definitely worth the extra $. Much higher CCA great for hids and other electrical goodies starts up strong every time!!!
May 29, 2015
There is no reason to not like this battery: it's lightweight, reasonably priced, easy to install, comes with spacers since it's smaller than what it replaces, and it has a cool retro look. It even comes with a couple stickers I used to hide the rusty spots on my tool box. If I was a nitpicker, I would say that it was not easy to order. Even in the store you have to get on line to choose the correct battery.

PROS: Powerful, Retro, Lightweight

May 29, 2015
This battery starts faster and stronger than any factory battery I have ever had. I can leave my lights on, the fan blowing, or start my bike repeatedly back to back without worrying that it may not start on its own again. Literally every time I start my bike, I say "I love this battery " it's worth every dollar. Ps. The thing weighs about as much as the cardboard box it comes in.
May 31, 2015
Best Battery
Walked into local store and battery was INSTOCK.

PROS: Small Footprint, Powerful Little Package

CONS: Expensive

BEST USES: Everyday, Casual Rider, Long distance touring
July 8, 2015
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