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Sedici Viaggio Waterproof Jacket

Don’t let your gear be the limiting factor in your Adventure Motorcycle. The Sedici Viaggio Waterproof Adventure Jacket has been designed with the journey in mind. With its 500 denier outer shell, waterproof lining, built-in water reservoir, incredible ventilation and ample adjustments, the Sedici Viaggio is ready to travel the world over.


  • ADV-DUALCORE 500 outer material with TUFF-PRO abrasion resistant panels
  • 100% waterproof and breathable DRYsure lining
  • Removable quilted satin liner
  • Air Control System provides incredible ventilation
  • Airflow inner lining for improved climate control and comfort
  • Chest guard system with impact absorbent panels
  • Triple point adjustment inner waist belt system
  • Multi-point tab adjustments throughout the sleeves and body for a customizable fit
  • Water-reservoir system with drinking tube included
  • Large cargo pocket on rear
  • Cargo patch pockets on upper sleeves
  • Reflective strips for increased visibility
  • Short connection zippers
  • CE-Approved armor at shoulders and elbows
  • Memory foam comfort back panel
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Not a Klim, but doesn't cost 1200$ either...
So I was a little hesitant at first after reading other reviews on this jacket. Specifically I was apprehensive of the ventialtion. I ride a 1200 GS Adventure in Central Texas. Temperatures are regularly above 90 and often triple digits. So Ventialation was something I was worried about. The return policy made me feel a bit more risk adverse so I took the off chance and gave it a try. The first ride was miserable. I opened up all the vents and it was like an oven. Hotter than hot. I replaced the hydration cell with a camelback so I could use that and still take it back.
So halfway through my first ride I got aggravated, and pulled over and started adjusting vents. With a bit of doodling, wouldn't you know I got it flowing like a champ. Important lesson learned. You gotta ride these vented jackets right to get em to work as advertised. This jacket flows real nice. The trick is the cuffs. You can't cinch the wrists down and expect to get anything working. The cuffs in the open position will be your inlet for 99% of the air. Bend your wrist a bit up or down on the grips and it will scoop massive quantities of cool air and get it flowing through the whole jacket. With the hydration cell filled 75% with ice 25% with water no only will it quench your thirst but it will chill that vortex going up your back. I love this jacket now. Does it have a few nit picky things like the spandex gators inside the sleeves that shred up on the velcro if you're not carefull ? Sure it does. Could it use some massive chest vents ? Yeah, but keep in mind when you put those massive chest scoops in you gotta do some expensive zipper treatments to maintain water integrity. In other words start looking at a 800-1200 jacket. This coat has some really nice features you won't find in this price point. It's not GoreTex, and it's not as feature rich as say a Ralley 3, Touratech, or Klim but for this Texas rider, it's just right. You'll get some funny looks from cagers when it's 95 and you're wearing a full length coat, but if you go through a get off you'll be happy with the extra armor (which by the way can be easily upgraded with 3D0 for 25$ ).

PROS: Water Resistant Cargo, Storage, Function, Hydration, Adjustabile Cinching, price, Kidney Belt Intgrated

CONS: Spandex Gators On Velcro, Cheap Hydration Hardware, Left hand zipper, Inadequate Armor Oem

BEST USES: 4 Season Use, Gs Touring
June 8, 2015
Great cooler climate touring jacket
Used this jacket to ride from the freezing Northeast to Florida and Back. Great touring jacket to take you from very cold (below 40) to warm (80's). This isn't a hot weather jacket, it's a jacket you can wear on long trips and have good protection for most conditions. Rode in rain with and without liner and kept me dry. Liner is very warm, you can ride in 40's with minimal clothes underneath. Removing liner and opening vents makes it comfy on longer rides.

The venting seems to match with adventure tourer (BMW GS, Tiger, ) by having great shoulder and back vents (where the air hits you) and avoiding the chest vent (where the screen blocks).

This is a great value as opposed to the big name brands. Seems like it would protect well. Fit is great. Very versatile. I would not buy this to ride in the California desert, get something with better venting for that. I would highly recommend this for northern states riding.

matching pants work well with this top.

major con is looking a little like a storm trooper, but that's OK with me

PROS: Quality construction, Pockets, Back And Sleeve Ventilati

CONS: Left hand zipper

March 27, 2015
Very comfortable jacket
I've been riding with this jacket for a few weeks now. I live in Southern CA, the current temperature is in the 70's. This jacket has awesome ventilation. The other review said there weren't any vent openings in the chest. Mine has 2 vents in the front of the shoulders and 2 vents per sleeve. With a big exit vent in back, the airflow feels just right. But I'm on the coast and not the desert. 90 degree weather would be too warm for this jacket. The armor at the elbows, shoulders and back are comfortable and go largely unnoticed. I hope I never need the protection. I like the big backpack compartment that the water bladder fits in. I use it as a backpack. One less thing to bring. So many pockets that it almost seem comical. This would be perfect for a long trip.

PROS: comfort, Water Bladder, Style, Fit, Pockets, Ventilation

February 26, 2015
Potential...but missing the mark
I wanted to like this jacket. I gave it a solid week of wear but ended up returning it. The overall fit was good (XL on a 5'11"; 205lb man). The waist belt was great, it prevented the jacket from getting cinched between my butt and the seat.

The first problem is ventilation. There are no large openings in the chest. There are two good exhaust vents in the back, and small ones on the sleeves, but nothing on the chest.

Second problem I had was the neck liner. It was a good fit, but interfered with the strap on my helmet (Shoei Neotec). It constantly rubbed.

The sleeves have extended liners that fit over the thumb. They are nothing but Velcro magnets. Very uncomfortable with the matching Sedici gloves.

This would be a good jacket for colder climates where ventilation isn't too much of a concern. But in So-Cal, riding through the desert int this "Adventure" attire, it just doesn't seem feasible to me.

On the plus side, it fit well, had ample protection (including removable padding in the chest), and plenty of accessible pockets. The included hydro-reservoir is a nice touch.

PROS: Warmth, Fit, waist belt

CONS: Neckliner, Ventilation

February 19, 2015
Great jacket, modest price.
I have only used this jacket a few times so these are my initial impressions. If they change I will update my review.

I am incredibly happy with this jacket. I have not owned many motorcycle jackets, the last one I purchased was 8 years ago but I took a great deal of interest in this one and broke down and bought it. The build quality is great and it feels like a jacket worth twice the price.

-It is comfortable and fits very well. It has good flexibility and a number of loops that allow you to cinch the jacket tighter or looser.

-Pockets galore! Nearly all of the pockets use velcro. The bottom/back pocket has an extra zipper, as well as the two hand pockets in front.

-Kidney Belt built in is great. It looks like it can be removed from the jacket entirely, but it's nice having one less thing to remember to bring.

-The Jacket is warm due to the thick materials used. I have found the ventilation adequate and there are quite a large number of vents. The warmest I have ridden in is 84 degrees, so I can't tell how comfortable it is on a 100 degree summer day, but I imagine it will be just as good as any other solid-shell jacket until you stop moving.

-Vents are relatively easy to open and close while riding, they don't get snagged as often as other jackets I have used.

-Warm and Sealed from the wind. I have ridden with a few jackets that even though they're waterproof, you can feel the wind blowing in through zippers or other parts of the jacket. Not fun on especially cold mornings. When sealed up, I didn't notice any or very little wind coming in. I rode through 50 degree weather without the liner and was quite warm.

-Ventilation, there are no vents on the chest, though there are two on the top of the jacket in front. Chest vents would be nice considering the huge exhaust vents in the back.

I think this is a great looking and performing jacket. I purchased this with touring and Adv touring specifically in mind, but it is also going to be my everyday riding jacket.

PROS: Warmth, Kidney belt, quality, Ventilation, Comfortable, Fit

BEST USES: Adv Touring, Everyday, Touring
March 6, 2015
Great Jacket
I was looking for a new jacket and pant set and found this. To start off with, this has more pockets than anyone can use, I counted 19! The zip out liner is a nice feature and comes out easily. I love the built in water bladder, came in handy while out in the woods. Built in armor is nice and cuffs strap down to fit inside gloves nicely.
I have put about 500 miles on this set, most of it off road. I have fallen with it on, I have hit huge water crossing that tried to take me off the bike and the set stayed dry inside. I was riding in temps from well below freezing to about 35 degrees. We were riding in snow/ice and I stayed warm. I did have Freeze-out gear under it as well.
Overall the set is well built, warn and seems like it will hold up well.
I love the extra pulls on the pockets, they work well with bulky gloves on and are well placed.
There is a pocket inside the jacket for a cell phone, but my Iphone 6 with Lifeproof cover will not fit, without a cover it might fit.
As far as fit, go to the store and try it on if possible. I ended up with a 2XL jacket and 36in pants. I am 6 ft and 195lbs.

PROS: Water Proof, Durable, warn

CONS: Heavy

BEST USES: Adv Touring, Off Road
January 1, 2016
Bang for the Buck
4 / 5
Would Purchase Again
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
Protection & Durability
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
Would you recommend?
Husband Loves Jacket
I would definitely recommend this jacket. My husband was thrilled about it when he opened it as a Christmas present. It is very versatile, durable, and adjustable to fit loose or tight depending on your style. The White/Black/Gray jacket matches his 2016 BMW R1200GS!
January 2, 2017
9 months ago
Not 100% waterproof.
I went to Prudhoe Bay Alaska from Los Angeles. I had rain for 5 days and the jacket was not waterproof. It leaked at the cuffs and collar. I was disappointed with this product
August 15, 2015
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