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Bilt Storm Waterproof Jacket
(1 item)
Demo - Good


This item is available as a Blem/Refurb. These are items that cannot be sold as "New" merchandise and are limited to stock on hand. See the product details for a description of the product's condition.

Bilt Storm Waterproof Jacket
(1 item)
Demo - Good


This item is available as a Blem/Refurb. These are items that cannot be sold as "New" merchandise and are limited to stock on hand. See the product details for a description of the product's condition.

Bilt Storm Waterproof Jacket
(1 item)
Demo - Good


This item is available as a Blem/Refurb. These are items that cannot be sold as "New" merchandise and are limited to stock on hand. See the product details for a description of the product's condition.

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Bilt Storm Waterproof Jacket

The full-featured Storm Jacket is the jacket to have if you could only have one. Exceptionally water resistant and with a removable fleece lining, you're covered over a wide-range of weather conditions. Get ready, there's a Storm coming! Only from BiLT.


  • 600 denier Pro-Flex durable outer shell
  • 1200 denier Endura-Brade shoulder and elbow panels
  • 100% waterproof lining
  • Removable fleece liner can be worn separately
  • Air-flow inner lining
  • Removable CE approved armor at shoulders and elbows
  • Foam back pad
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I was just looking for something warm
I stopped in to a Cycle Gear store on the first or second day of a cold snap where it hit me that, if I was going to continue to commute 320 miles a week and use a motorcycle as my main transportation in colder weather, it was time to invest in a non-mesh jacket.

I wasn't sure what I was after, but after trying on the grey version of this jacket in medium (5'10", 186 lbs) it just felt right. It looked great in the mirror, too. I was just about sold, but held off as I told the guy working there that i probably shouldn't go with such a dark jacket since I commute amongst some of America's worst drivers during tropical storms, rush-hours and nights. He led me over to a rack at the other end of the store that had the same jacket in the high-vis yellow. Granted, the "looks" just lost a little bit, but I had to go with it as it really was the color I needed. For the ADV crowd it's not a problem, but for oh-so-stylish south Florida… it probably does look pretty funny to the squids.

Anyway, during the next two days of that cold snap I was in seventh-heaven with my new-found warmth. Eventually it got warm again and I found out how to take the liner out. Even with the liner out and the vents open, I found that it is still a bit warm in anything over 70 degrees, so I switch to a mesh jacket for that.

Fast forward to the monsoon-like rains that were crossing south Florida non-stop for four days straight. These were remnants of Hurricane Rina that reached up from central America. I was commuting to work in darkness and tons of water (falling, and standing, and spraying from other vehicles), so I decided to wear this higher-vis jacket to block some wind and to be better seen. I was shocked when, after 40 miles of rain, my upper-torso was pretty much dry. Multiply that times 6 for the really wet down-pour rides and, well, it seemed like a good jacket. It wasn't until just now, in looking the jacket up, that I see that it is advertised as being water-resistant. It wasn't even a mentioned selling point at the store (even though the younger guy working there pretty much told me that no-one in south Florida wears this stuff - meaning gear - as opposed to wearing kevlar jeans).

At the moment, after two weeks of owning it, the only downside I have found is that of the front main zipper. On a day that got warm I had the vents open and the front zippered, but not snapped. Apparently so much air got into the jacket at speed (the highway speeds in Florida are pretty high sometimes) that the zipper separated due to the pressurization. I had to pull over to the side of the highway to try to unzipper it and re-zipper it, then made sure to snap the buttons on the front flap to prevent so much air from coming in through the front (hard to believe, but it did seem as though air was coming through the main zipper as well). I don't foresee this as a problem at speeds below 60 MPH, though, but it has me a little concerned about the quality of the zippers. Still, at the price I am sure it will last me at least an entire season, if not two – and, really, if it's cold enough to wear this jacket over another one, then why not snap the front flap shut?

The jacket does have a zipper at the rear that mates with the zipper on my Bilt pants that I bought seven months ago, so that turned out really well for me. I didn't think much of it until I rode into a weird wind-pattern on the way to work this evening that had the back of the jacket filling up with air and lifting up a little… That hasn't happened before, but it would have been a non-issue had I zippered the jacket to the pants back there, which I will do in the future.

PROS: Zipper to mate Bilt pants, Pockets, Styling, Shorter three-quarter, Well-thought-out, Warm

CONS: Main zipper not YKK

BEST USES: Cold weather riding, Rain riding
November 1, 2011
Awesome but has design flaws
I use this jacket to commute in the winter months in Oregon. It does an awesome job of keeping me dry and warm in an otherwise cold, wet climate that is mostly above freezing. I only have one complaint about what should otherwise be a perfect jacket -- the velcro placement. The velcro on the belt is placed so it cannot be tightened any more than the jacket would be without it. This is minor, but would keep the jacket from "inflating" at high speeds. Next, the flap in the back could use a snap or piece of velcro in the middle (there is a snap at each corner). Putting my rain pants or fleece jacket liner in it just causes it to sag down and leave an opening in the middle that the rain easily gets into. The big one though is the velcro on the neck flap. It needs to be reversed so the clingy part is on the flap -- not the base of the neck. As it is, the clingy part is sewn into the inside of the neck part, and tears at the side of the jacket, my backpack strap, and -- the big one -- grabs the flap from my 2nd generation Bilt full-face helmet and won't let go. Yes, I have the neck flap closed, but there is more clingy velcro on the base than the flap will cover. This became quite alarming when I could not turn my head while riding. This part I consider a serious design defect that could easily cause an accident. My wife and I are looking at ways to take it out and sew it in opposite of how it is. Were it not for this, I would give this jacket 5 stars. Would love to work with the manufacturer on the design issues for an otherwise awesome jacket.

PROS: Comfortable, Well Insulated, Weather Resistant

CONS: Bad Velcro Placement

BEST USES: Cold weather, Wet Weather, Bad Weather, Long Rides
January 21, 2013
Put it to the test and it works!
I was a little skeptical about this pant and jacket but decided to give them a try back in November. I commute about 25 miles of canyons every day regardless of wearher. Well, the a.m. ice finally got me. I had a 45 mph down in this gear, sliding on my left side and stomach for approximately 60 feet. Had it not been for my left sleeve riding up I would of walked away unscathed. I ended up walking away with a quarter sized scrape on my knee and road rash the length of my left forearm. All in all the jacket is good quality, comfortable and very functional. The fit and finish could be improved, especially the stitching and zippers. All in all it kept me warm and dry and saved my butt in the end. Ill be purchasing a new one!

PROS: Weather Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Well Insulated

CONS: Not The Best Finish

BEST USES: Safety, Long Rides, Bad Weather
February 28, 2013
Warm and wind proof
Currently living in SoCal but go to school in nor cal ( home for winter break). Road from San Clemente to Newport at night in 34 degrees and was toasty warm all the way up on the freeway at 80mph. Got caught in a big rain storm the next day and the jacket worked like a charm, even under some of the heaviest rain I've ever seen. Had to pull off the road because the bike was getting squirrelly not because I was cold or too wet. Great quality and with the adjustable snaps it grows like I do over the holidays. I'm at tall fellow 6'11" with a very long torso so I wish it had and extra inch or so in length but the 4xl fits better than anything else I've tried. Hope this helps any of the taller riders out their.

PROS: Comfortable, Stylish, Well Insulated, Weather Resistant

BEST USES: Safety, Long Rides, Bad Weather
January 7, 2013
The perfect cold weather jacket
I bought this jacket to go along with the pants. I was riding in 28 degree weather and never was cold. After riding in the Smoky Mountains the jacket along with the thermos had me sweating by the time we reached the lodge everyday.

PROS: Warm, Comfortable

November 7, 2011
Great buy, very warm, a few flaws
I got My Storm jacket in HiViz green/yellow. Bight colors save lives!

The main zipper design is very nice with a flap that double folds over the zipper and fastens with snaps, which I prefer to hook & loop.

The cargo pockets have a fold over design to keep water out, also use snaps, and there's plenty of storage space. Plus the "Fanny Pack" pocket is of the same fold and snap design.

Fit is very good with arm, waist, and sholder adjustment

I've been wearing it in January Chicago temps under 30*F and have stayed perfectly warm even at expressway speeds (with some layers underneath).

The liner makes a stylish zip-up sweater/jacket that you can wear around and actually comes out pretty easy so you could wear it once you get to your destination. One issue with the liner is that it is un-lined fleece so if you have a long sleeve shirt it sticks when putting your arm through. Also the loops that connect it to the jacket seem a little flimsey and I will likely remove them and replace them with something sturdier. I may also line the sleeves with a smoother material.

Cuff opens nice and wide and fits nicely over my gloves. I prefer to put the gauntlets in my jacket so water runs off them in not into them.

The water-proof liner runs the entire jacket and seems like it will keep you very dry. I've only encountered snow and not rain so waterproofness is not tested. This does effect ventalation as the many vents open up to the waterproof layer so the wind will not make it to your skin. This will likely make this not a good hot weather jacket. Also, the zippers are not the rubber sealed "Waterproof" type zippers so it is likely that you will get some leaking into the lower pockets and vents. Though since the vents open to the waterproof layer you should stay dry.

I do wish it had a little more reflective material but it's still very visable. I may stitch some more reflective material on.

The collar is nice with soft material and has great height for protection and adjustability.

It was also a great price!

PROS: Comfortable, Well Insulated, Weather Resistant

CONS: Zippers

BEST USES: Long Rides, Bad Weather, Safety, Casual Wear
January 7, 2013
good value for price
Had this jacket over a year now. Great jacket for the price point. Wear it everyday when temps are below 70 degrees. About 15,000 miles on it now, no material defects except for very light fraying on right shoulder. Color is still bright and eye catching.
The Hi vis color has definately reduced the number of cagers pulling out in front of me. Used the stock liner the last winter. Had the same complaints other users have with the fleece lining catching on other garments. Stock liner is a nice stand alone jacket also. Upgraded to a heated liner 6 months ago. Enhanced the jacket over the stock liner. I use the jacket in temps below 70 degrees. After that it's like riding in steambath from your sweat even with the vents open. Also the vents in the sleeves seem to leak cold air when temps are below 40 degrees given me cool airpits. Blocks the wind everwhere else. Been thru a few light rains, no leaks. Love all the pockets! Wish they made a mesh version in the same style and hi vis color.

PROS: Weather Resistant, Comfortable, Stylish

CONS: Doesn't Breathe

BEST USES: Safety, Long Rides
March 5, 2013
Get one. You can thank me later.
I love this jacket. It was an early Xmas gift we went with for the sale price. And I've worn it nearly every day since. After two months it is still just as comfortable.

It does get warm once the weather hits the mid 70's, even with the vents open. But it's not built for hot weather, so that's pretty ok in my book.

Admittedly, I don't use the liner often. Instead I wear either a Northface or Columbia liner (depending on the temperature). They are just more comfortable for me and they ball up smaller for the warmer days in my backpack or saddlebags. But that's just me being picky.

I've worn this jacket in the lower 20's with no problems at all. It's waterproof and windproof. And it makes a great 3-season jacket.

PROS: Comfortable, Stylish, Well Insulated, Abrasion Resistant, Weather Resistant

BEST USES: Safety, Casual Wear, Bad Weather, Long Rides
January 21, 2013
Great jacket with nice features for the price.
Great cool weather jacket, I use it in So. Cal. to commute to work on winter mornings. Chest/shoulder vents work as they have snaps that actually keep them open turning them into little scoop vents. Jacket works well down to 45F Could probably be used in colder weather with additional layers in conjunction with removable liner that comes with this jacket. Lower back pocket isn't very deep and doesn't feel secure. It has 2 snap on either side but needs one in the middle.

PROS: Well Insulated, Weather Resistant, Stylish, Comfortable

BEST USES: Long Rides, Bad Weather, Casual Wear
May 29, 2015
Storm gear works as good as the more expensive stuff
I liked this gear over many more expensive products. It isn't too heavy, easy to layer, and if you abuse it, no biggie for the price. This Storm gear works great for me living in the northwedt. I'm using it as adventure type off road riding and I don
't over heat and I heat up real quick.

PROS: Comfortable, Weather Resistant

BEST USES: Casual Wear, Bad Weather
November 3, 2015
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How does it fit? I am 6'3 200 lbs so I need longer waist and sleeves.
A C on Sep 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I'm 5'6 190 big in the waist I bought the medium fits a little tight with the liner fits comfortably without liner, doesn't ride up the back and has a natural bend at the elbow, great jacket for colder weather you will be pretty sweaty past 75 degrees while stopped, plenty of vents when riding great protection dropped my bike doing forty and jacket did its job
Does it have a 2-way zipper, which separates from the bottom as well as the top?
A shopper on Jan 25, 2019
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