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The Seven Zero Seven Contact Bluetooth Helmet Communication System has been discontinued and will not be returning.

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Seven Zero Seven Contact Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

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Seven Zero Seven Contact Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

The Bluetooth equipped Seven Zero Seven Contact communication system enables the user to connect up to two Bluetooth enabled devices like a smart phone, GPS and MP3 Player. The Contact unit uses CDMA technology for full Duplex intercom communication between two paired Contact units. Individual Contact units connect privately to Bluetooth enabled devices allowing each user to listen to their own music or take private calls when paired to another Contact unit. Each user has the ability to toggle between intercom communication or the Bluetooth devices that are paired to their individual unit with a simple touch of a button.


  • Two Seven Zero Seven Contact Communication Systems may be paired at once for intercom use
  • 100 yard average effective range* between Seven Zero Seven Contact Communication Systems
  • Auto re-connect between Seven Zero Seven Contact Communication Systems if disconnected while in use. (For example, exceeding effective range*)
  • Full-duplex communication (Just like talking on the phone)
  • Noise suppression microphone and high fidelity stereo speakers
  • 8 hours of talk, 20 hours of standby battery life
  • Connect up to two devices (phone, GPS, MP3)**
  • Answer incoming phone calls
  • Automatically pairs with last device used
  • Compatible with full face, open face, modular and some half helmets

*Note: Effective range depends on condition of use. Ideal conditions exist when each unit has direct line of sight with no physical obstruction between them. Recommended for Rider to Passenger or close range Rider to Rider use. Other Bluetooth devices should be placed on the left side of the users body to help eliminate interference.

**Note: Some devices (iPhone and Android phones, and motorcycle specific GPS units) may use two channels for their operation allowing only one connection.

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very sad product
I bought this product and it worked ok not great. For about 3 weeks and then the volume sure to fail. And then within the next week the headphone jack starting to fail. Within a month and a half the product no longer worked at all.
October 13, 2014
It was easy to install but the sound was poor and i couldn't even hear the incoming calls or any sound when i was connected. i was told i was coming in clear but i could not hear anything.....So i traded it in and got a Bilt helmet with blue tooth and couldn't be happier with the exchange...
March 12, 2015
Works but won't stay on helmet
The 3M tape isn't strong enough. The unit kept falling off the helmet. I even wiped helmet down with alcohol and that didn't help. Tape would stick for about 3 hours and then fail. Another issue was it wasn't loud enough at highway speed. I could barely hear it with both my phone and unit turned all the way up.

CONS: 3m Tape Doesn't Work, Not loud enough

May 29, 2014
Inexpensive but not worth it
I bought this from the local Cyclegear when they were having a customer appreciation night. Got an additional discount over the advertised introductory price. Out of the box, this is a rebadged Chatterbox Duo. Been using it for about a week now and just not pleased with the performance at all. The volume output is too low for music and I can hardly hear the the other person when in intercom mode or taking phone calls. This is going to be returned back to the store.

PROS: Compact, Pairs easily, Easy to use

CONS: Poor sound

March 1, 2014
I was hoping to add this to my full face (or 1/2 helmet w/speaker pockets) to play a little music on my commute. No plans for, nor did I install the mic. Overall impressions, not worth the effort as I can barely hear them on the highway and the sound quality was very poor.
February 28, 2015
Save your money
This was cheap enough to try out, so I figured why not? I noticed right away that this would be pretty useless at highway speeds. Listening to music was OK in slow traffic, but once you get up to normal speeds, the volume at max isn't high enough. Tried with and without earplugs, still couldn't hear anything. The music was bad enough, but the call volume was even worse. The plastic mounting tab broke after 3 weeks of use, and the 3M sticky tape didn't hold for more than 3 days. The bluetooth unit flew off my helmet and shattered on the highway. Unless you commute under 45mph, and have a really quiet bike, save your money, this isn't worth it

PROS: cheap

CONS: Cheap parts, Plastic Mounting Tab Weak, 3m Tape Not Sticky, bad speaker quality, Not loud enough

May 22, 2014
you got what you piad for
Great Mic, very low audio output, the 3.5mm cable is a bad design gets the connecter loose and eventually breaks so there you hundee to the drain, easy to set up. But that's it
August 16, 2015
High Hopes Dashed
I bought this wanting to use it to listen to music. I've really had some kind of issue with this straight out of the package.
First issue, I couldn't turn the unit off once I got it fully charged for the first time. Talked with a team member on the web page's chat feature and was told to try plugging it back into the charger to get it to turn off. It did power off after plugging it back intot the charger.
Second issue, the unit seemed to stop charging and the mike for the full face helmet broke. I wasn't really using the mike anyway so I just removed it. I thought the unit was defective and took it back to my local store and exchanged just the main unit and kept all the peripherals from the first package.
Third issue, the charging plug broke! I went to plug it in and the prongs just collapsed into the body of the charger. The charging cord won't work with any other USB charging base so I was never able to charge or use the replacement unit.
Fourth issue, I continued to use the headphones and plug directly into my phone. One speaker has since gone out and the other one works intermittently and sounds horrible when it does.
Bottom line, I've been very disappointed with this product. The one and only time I got to use it I loved it. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it.

PROS: Easy To Install

CONS: Not Sturdy, Cord Is Propietary, Can't Replace Charger

August 12, 2015
Good but not great
I've had it for over a month. I've taken calls on city streets and in the Highway. The calls and music become hard to hear over 70mph.
March 21, 2015
Good for the price, but low volume, and.
I think I said it all in my Pro/Cons. This a decent bluetooth unit for the price, not as advanced as Scala, etc., and if you like Chatterbox, might wanna go for the XBI2. But on Sale(80.00 per set), really you can't beat this.....

Helmet: Nolan N43 modular; Bike FJR1300; mounted it on the panel access door, Nolan has a channel for speakers and mic, all worked perfectly...

PROS: Good battery life, Control Work With Gloves, Bluetooth Works Good, Easy to Mount, Clear Sound Low Speed, Includes Two Mics Ffmod, Easy to setup, Can Use Your Own Earbuds, Fits Ff Or Modular Helmet, Includes 2 Mics Ffmod

CONS: Includes Both Mic Types, Not As Loud As Scala, Low Sound Above 50mph, Phono Plug Can Be Finicky, Mediocre Noise Reduction, Cannot Hear With Earplugs

June 25, 2014
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