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TUbliss-Core Off-Road Tire System

…cooler* Quicker acceleration * No pinched tubes* Reduces unsprung weight* Secures tire bead Weight Savings A weight savings of up to 3 pounds per wheel instantly translates into less rotating weight and increases acceleration. Less unsprung weight allows significant suspension performance gains.…

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Tire & Tube Flat Repair Kit

Features and Benefits* Covers tubes and tubeless repair* Comes complete with patches, plugs, plug insertion tool, hole cleaner, glue, pressure wheel with surface preparation tool and knife for plug trimming* Includes 4 CO2 Compressed air cylinders and an air valve which can connect directly to the…

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Transition Roller Bag

…with External Slide Rails* Base is covered with Wipe-able Finish for Easy Cleaning* High Durability Hard Bumpers at Base Corners* Smooth Roll Wheels* Telescoping Double Post Handle* Multiple Heavy Duty Haul Handles* Top Carrying Strap* Perforated Tarpaulin Panels for Venting* Extra Venting Grommets…


Aluminum Off-Road Tire Combo Lever Set

Features and Benefits * Lightweight forged 7075 T-6 Aluminum* Anti-pinch tire spoon* Hard anodized finish* Metric Kit fits: 32mm, 27mm 22mm axles. 10mm, 12mm axle adjuster and rim lock nut* Euro Kit fits: 32mm, 27mm 22mm axles. 10mm, 13mm axle adjuster and rim lock nut

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