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Maxxcross Desert IT Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

Features and Benefits* Specially designed compound increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chippin and cutting* Tall knob design improves traction when racing in sandy conditions* Stiffer carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubes

$77.99 to $100.99
Was: $114.00 to $155.00
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TUbliss-Core Off-Road Tire System

Tubes You have no tubes to be concerned with, so you'll never pinch a tube! Replace old technology with a stronger, modern and efficient system. Even if you get a tire puncture, the bead stays seated to the rim. Virtually Flat Proof TUbliss really is virtually flat proof when used with a tire

Was: $99.95
(4 Reviews)

Gripster Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tires

Features and Benefits* Long life* Available in both tubeless and tube-type fitments* 80% road / 20% offroad* Specially designed for mid-range trail bikes* Robust construction to cope with mild off-road use* Excellent on-road performance* Superb road holding

$123.99 to $155.99
Was: $139.99 to $174.99
(3 Reviews)

MT66 Route Street Motorcycle Tires

…* Exceeds the performance of original equipment tires at a very affordable price * Designed to provide a smooth ride with superior stability * H-rated for speeds up to 130mph, S-rated for speeds up to 112mph * Tires labeled as TT require an inner tube * Tires labeled as Rein are reinforced

$105.95 to $224.95
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Inner Tube

Features and Benefits* Seamless construction* Butyl-rubber tubes with heavy duty valves* Tubes are individually packaged Valve Stem Types* TR-4 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.) IRC & Dunlop* TR-6 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.)* TR-13 - Straight rubber stem (11.5mm dia.)* TR-15 - Straight rubber…

$8.99 to $24.99
(42 Reviews)

Universal Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Features and Benefits* Works with tires up to 5" wide* 1" steel tubing* Four mounting holes

Was: $24.99
(2 Reviews)

Tire & Tube Flat Repair Kit

…Benefits* Covers tubes and tubeless repair* Comes complete with patches, plugs, plug insertion tool, hole cleaner, glue, pressure wheel with surface preparation tool and knife for plug trimming* Includes 4 CO2 Compressed air cylinders and an air valve which can connect directly to the tire valve, or…

(1 Reviews)

Valve Stem Puller

Features and Benefits* Use to pull tube valve stems through rim valve holes* Use with tubes only* Not for use on tubeless tires

(7 Reviews)

Gold Medal Natural-Rubber Inner Tube

Features and BenefitsHeavy duty Tube* 1.75mm thick for serious flat protection* High-quality rubberUltra Heavy duty Tube* 2.25mm thick for the ultimate in flat and pinch resistance* High-quality rubber Valve Stem Types* TR-4 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.) IRC & Dunlop* TR-6 - Straight metal stem…

$15.99 to $49.99
(11 Reviews)

Tire Air Pressure Gauge with Hose

Features and Benefits * Super Buy* Great for air suspension, street tires and off-road and ATV tires* Great for street and off-road tires* Flexible 10 inch rubber hose swivels and has an angled stem* Displays PSI after removal from valve stem* Bleeder valve for quick pressure adjustments

Was: $24.99
(87 Reviews)

Ultraflate Plus CO2 Tire Inflation and Repair Kit

…Schrader valves * High strength, glass-reinforced nylon construction with brass valve internals Includes * Ultraflate Plus CO2 inflator * 3 - 16-gram threaded CO2 cartridges * 5 - plug sticks * Tire reamer tool * Tube- and tire-patch assortment * Glue * Zippered 6.5" x 5" nylon storage bag

Was: $39.99

Compact Portable Mini Air Compressor

Features and Benefits* Alligator clip wire lead for direct connection to 12v battery (70" long lead)* Accessory connection wire lead for use with 12v accessory or cigarette lighter plug (100" long lead)* Super flexible 12" air hose with thread on connection* Built in air pressure gauge* Maximum…

(20 Reviews)

Heavy-Duty Tubes

Features and Benefits* Seamless construction * Butyl-rubber with heavy-duty valves * 1.75 thick

(14 Reviews)

Standard Rim Lock

…Benefits* Heavy-duty die cast aluminum body * Fits 1.60/1.40, 1.85, 2.15 or 2.50 width rims * Molded rubber flap protects against inner tube abrasion * Ribbed alloy contact surface locks tire securely to rim * Recommended for use on all off-road machines and any application using low tire pressure

(5 Reviews)

16g CO2 Refill Cartridges

$7.99 to $16.99
(2 Reviews)

Tire Irons

$12.99 to $17.99
(15 Reviews)

Tire Spoon

Features and Benefits* Long length for increased leverage, easing tire removal* Smooth spoon-type end helps reduce the dreaded pinched tube and damage to the tire's bead * Billet aluminum handle for added comfort* Plated steel shaft for strength and durability

Was: $29.99
(3 Reviews)

Ultralite Tire Repair Kit

tube* 4 tubeless tire repair plugs* 1 pipe cleaner* Dynaplug® repairs all tubeless tires* Proprietary plug fuses to tire for permanent repair* Works with cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, scooters, tractors, RVs and more* Easy Repair WITHOUT Removing the Tire - Unlike other tubeless tire repair…

(7 Reviews)

Pro Aluminum Tire Repair Kit

Features and Benefits * 3 insertion tubes* 8 tubeless tire repair plugs* 1 clearing attachment* 1 air stopper* 1 pipe cleaner* Polyethylene case* Dynaplug® repairs all tubeless tires* Proprietary plug fuses to tire for permanent repair* Works with cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, scooters,…


Monster Air Chuck CO2 Tire Inflation and Repair Kit

…and anodized aluminum construction with a stainless spring Includes* Monster Air Chuck CO2 inflator* 2 - 45-gram threaded CO2 cartridges* 5 - plug sticks* Tire reamer tool* Tube- and tire-patch assortment* Glue* Zippered 6.5" x 5" nylon storage bag Note: Uses 45g threaded cartridges ONLY.

(7 Reviews)

Carbon Ultralite Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

…Provides maximum convenience for traveling* Tool Body Construction Glass Filled Nylon / 6061 Aluminum Threaded Insert / Silicone Cap* Insertion Tube Hardened 305 Stainless Steel* Plug Material: Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber* Plug Tip: Nonabrasive Brass* Dimensions: 5.42" x .875"* Weight:…

Was: $21.99
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