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Rear Stand

Features and Benefits * Durable steel construction * Black powder coat finish * Includes spool adapters and universal swing arm lift adapters * Adjustable width accommodates most swing arm styles * Intended for use on most modern sport bikes * Unassembled for easy storage and shipping

Was: $99.99
(95 Reviews)

Rear Paddock Stand

Features and Benefits* Constructed from heavy-duty 38mm steel tubing* Tough, durable powder coat finish resists corrosion* Dual wheel casters on each support leg provide total stability* Multi-fit support bracket for use with spool or flat swing arms* Retractable handle allows easy portability…

Was: $119.99
(118 Reviews)

SS Combo Rear Stand

…Acts as both a standard swingarm-holding rear stand and a swingarm-spool stand* Top supports flip over for spools* Adjustable width to accommodate virtually all sportbikes* Same style and quality as Spooled, Standard, and 999 Rear Stands except for interchangeable top supportsSpecifications*…

(20 Reviews)

Rear Aluminum Pro Race Stand

Features and Benefits* Intended for spool type swing arms only* Light weight aluminum construction* Box frame for rigidity and stability* Durable powder coat matte black finish* Oversized wheels roll smoothly on rough surfaces* Interchangeable color match wheels sold separately

Was: $199.99
(2 Reviews)

Battlax BT45 High Performance Motorcycle Tires

Features and Benefits* High performance bias ply* Silica compound for improved wet and dry grip* Rear tire is equipped with dual tread compound for longer life and better traction when cornering* V speed rated* Tubeless

$113.48 to $214.99
Was: $146.99 to $239.99
(5 Reviews)

Conti Motion Sport-Touring Radial Motorcycle Tires

…and Benefits* Outstanding all-around performance for year-round use with unmatched levels of wet and dry grip* Long lasting due to newly formulated polymer compound and modern force-oriented tread pattern* 0 degree steel belt construction on the rear tires for the utmost in stability and comfort

$77.99 to $114.99
Was: $86.95 to $139.95
(30 Reviews)

Battlax BT016 Pro Street Motorcycle Tires

…The rear tires L shaped grooves enhance shock absorption and rear-end steering. Groove location not across tread center area provides both wet performance and strong traction. High speed durability is also maximized* The steel MS-BELT (mono-spiral belt) construction applied to front and rear tires…

$106.99 to $160.99
Was: $146.95 to $220.95
(83 Reviews)

Commander II Cruiser Motorcycle Tires

Features and Benefits* A new standard in cruiser tire longevity:* Independent tests* show that the Michelin® Commander® II rear tire lasts almost twice as long its main competitors, the Metzeler ME 880 and the Dunlop D407/408* Innovative technology:* Commander II 90-thread ply is 25% more…

$114.99 to $247.99
Was: $125.99 to $293.95
(20 Reviews)

D401 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tires

…and specifically formulated compound for outstanding grip in wet or dry weather * Bias or bias-belted construction * Computer-optimized tread profile to reduce cupping for even wear * Black sidewalls * H-rated Manufactured Sizes * Front: 90/90-19, 100/90-19 * Rear (belted): 130/90B-16, 150/80B-16

$119.99 to $169.99
Was: $162.16 to $225.18
(13 Reviews)

Sintered Brake Pads

…those canyon runs* Available for most Supersport and Superbike front calipers (600-1000cc)G1371: Advanced Ceramics (Rear Only)* Designed to account for the fact that a rear brake will not develop the same amount of heat as the front* Great sintered performance and feel, while being more forgiving…

$38.99 to $80.99
(6 Reviews)

M403/M404 Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

…Improved durability* Accommodates a wider range of soils* Front provides improved cornering control and feedback even at full lean angles* Rear offers added traction and slide control for better acceleration out of corners* Challenges the Dunlop D756s or Michelin Starcross MH3sSpecifications*…

$73.99 to $115.99
Was: $112.99 to $178.99
(1 Reviews)

Angel Street Motorcycle Tires

…mileage while maintaining an appealing tread design * Visual appearance of the tread changes in the first stage of tire life to reflect the double soul of the product * New front and rear profile tailored to the new generation of sport touring bikes * Neutral and smooth handling in all maneuvers

$141.99 to $199.99
Was: $180.95 to $263.95
(30 Reviews)

Scorpion Trail Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tires

…of high-performance dual-sport bikes such as the BMW GS, Aprilia Capo Nord, and Suzuki V-strom * Patented 0o steel belt technology on front and rear radial sizes provides maximum stability and excellent handling on every kind of terrain, even when fully loaded * Latest generation of materials…

$173.95 to $276.95

Pilot Power 3 Street Motorcycle Tires

Features and Benefits * 2CT+ on rear tire enhances tread rigidity and cornering stability: Extends harder compound underneath the softer shoulder compound for added cornering stability- Especially when accelerating out of turns.* Casing profile optimized for excellent feedback and handling* All-new…

$128.99 to $203.99
(10 Reviews)

American Elite Motorcycle Tires

…motorcycles that is designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.* The American Elite delivers enhanced tire mileage thanks to an MT Multi-Tread rear tire compound that incorporates a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire, along with a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder for great…

$123.99 to $250.99

Qualifier Street Motorcycle Tires

…derived front tire profile promotes quicker turn-in and lighter steering, and is engineered to offer a larger footprint at maximum lean angles * Rear tire compound blends three race developed polymers to maximize grip and warm up quickly in the wet or the dry * Advanced belt design and Jointless…

$89.99 to $109.99
Was: $149.95 to $229.95
(25 Reviews)

Pilot Activ Street Motorcycle Tires

…of the tire with virtually no difference in wet grip* between a new Michelin Pilot® Activ tire and a worn Pilot® Activ tire* SIZES Front Rear 110/70-17 54 H 130/70-17 62 H 110/80-17 57 H 130/80-17 65 H 120/70-17 58 V 140/70-17 66 H 100/90-18 56 H 150/70-17 69 H 150/70-17 69 V 130/70-18 63…

$132.95 to $206.95
Was: $138.95 to $214.95
(1 Reviews)

M12 XC Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

…improves durability by at least 25%, compared with previous Michelin tires* Improved grip compared with previous Michelin tires, thanks to new rear tread compound and changes in casing design* Redesigned tire structure incorporates an additional casing ply under the tread, which helps improve…

$91.99 to $99.99
Was: $127.95 to $139.95

Battlax BT003 RS Racing Motorcycle Tires

…ex-models: BT-002RS/BT-090* S shaped grooves across center of tread improve contact feeling, braking grip (for Front Tire) and traction grip (for Rear Tire)* Reducing Negative Ratio in shoulder part of tread improves turning ability* Longer Shoulder grooves than BT-003 Racing enhance WET grip and…

$109.61 to $198.99
Was: $174.99 to $294.99
(6 Reviews)

Geomax MX32 Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

…and recess carcass design * Directional front tire design provides enhanced grip and steering feel * Superior grip in a wider variety of terrain REAR GEOMAX MX32 TECHNOLOGY * Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT): A Dunlop-patented block-within-a-block design that offers more progressive…

$31.99 to $105.99

Battlax BT020 Street Motorcycle Tires

…Touring & Cruiser Radials designed for touring oriented sport riders offering solid performance and good mileage* Silica enriched compound offers exceptional level of grip on both wet & dry surfaces* Mono-spiral belt construction (rear) offers high speed stability and outstanding shock absorption

$107.54 to $238.99
Was: $169.20 to $262.99
(3 Reviews)

Sportec M3 Street Motorcycle Tires

…heavy-power delivery of the latest high-performance sportbikes, while providing excellent mileage and high performance* Profile is balanced, front and rear, to enable the rider to get the best handling and excellent high-speed stability* Compound and advanced tread pattern inspire confidence under…

$106.95 to $186.50
Was: $132.95 to $227.95
(10 Reviews)

Starcross MH3 Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

…resist chunking on hard tracks* Reshaped side blocks provide excellent grip at extreme lean anglesManufactured Sizes* Front: 80/100-21 TT (51M)* Rear: 100/90-19 TT (57M), 110/90-19 TT (62M) If you don't see your tire size listed, don't worry, we can get the right one for you (if it's available)…

$92.99 to $99.99
Was: $129.95 to $139.95
(1 Reviews)