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Racing 4T Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

…Excellent low temperature flow characteristics to help minimize engine wear during start-up Specs/Approvals * Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 motorcycle oil meets or exceeds the requirements of, API SM, API SL, API SJ, JASO MA * According to ExxonMobil, Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 is of the following quality…

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Oil Filter

…High filter flow rates are important in racing vehicles where heavier grade oil is used and the oil is pumped much faster than in a standard vehicle. When the engine is circulating oil at high GPM rates, the high-flow oil filter helps reduce the loss of pressure through the filtering process.

$6.95 to $19.99
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7100 Synthetic Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Very high film strength to protect the motor and gearbox * Easier and faster gear changing * Ideal for oil-immersed clutches* Compatible with catalytic converters* Meets API SL / SJ / SH / SG - JASO MA standards

$16.95 to $62.95
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5100 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* High film strength and easier, faster gear changing* Ideal for oil immersed clutches* Compatible with catalytic converters* Meets API SL / SJ / SH / SG - JASO MA standards

$12.49 to $44.99
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3000 4T Motor Oil

Features and Benefits * Protection of motor and gearbox at high temperatures * JASO MA certified to ensure safe operation of oil-immersed clutches* Compatible with catalytic converters* Meets API SG - JASO MA standards

$9.49 to $36.99
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300V Ester Synthetic Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* In 1972 Motul was the first to use ester oils for Motorsports, transfering the technology from the aeronautic industry * In 2004, the double ester technology used in the 300V Motorsport range is breaking new grounds in automotive racing* High lubrication properties for anti…

$16.99 to $59.99
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High-Performance Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits * Fully synthetic formula * Some of the highest levels of blended-in zinc and phosphorus in the industry * Seals piston rings for more power * Fights fuel dilution * Extends drain interval * Provides stronger film strength over a range of temperatures * Lower levels of friction…

$13.95 to $14.99
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Maxum 4 Premium Oil

Features and Benefits* High performance petroleum blend with an advanced, high-temperature additive system* Motorcycle specific 4T oil JASO grade MA, API SG/CD

$7.19 to $27.99
Was: $7.99 to $27.99
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Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

Features and Benefits * Outstanding resistance to thermal breakdown * 3-way protection - Engine, Transmission, Clutch/Primary * Outstanding protection against wear of engine and transmission components * Optimized for hot-running, air-cooled engines * Enhanced lubrication for peak horsepower and to…

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Power Synt 4T Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Fully synthetic, high-performance 4-stroke engine oil for motorcycles* Provides optimum protection against engine wear under the most grueling extreme-temperature racing conditions* No slipping of the wet clutch* Extreme temperature and shear protection

$18.99 to $71.99
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Castor 927 Racing Oil

Features and Benefits* Not intended for use in oil injection systems* Castor 927 is ideally suited as a premix for both leaded and unleaded fuels* Biodegradable

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EXL Motorcycle Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Premium petroleum-based oil* Wear protection for engines, transmissions, clutch components

$8.99 to $29.95
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V-Twin Transmission Oil

…Transmission Oil with ShockProof® provides unequalled protection for both stock and aftermarket American V-Twin transmissions* This product dampens transmission noise (reducing the notorious shifting "clunk" found in these gearboxes), dramatically reduces temperature, provides thicker oil films…

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Top Speed 4T Oil

…high-performance engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles* The innovative Group 3 synthetic molecular structure provides unusually high performance* Minimum evaporation loss (low Noack scores) and exceptional protection against wear* High friction-coefficient* Decreases oil consumption* No moly…

$15.79 to $57.49

2-Stroke Racing Oil

…deposits in even the hottest upper-ring and piston-crown areas * Suggested for use at 50:1, but can be used richer or leaner * Can be used up to 100:1 depending on the type of engine and operating conditions * Unequalled protection in motorcycle and marine engines as a premix or injection oil

$10.99 to $80.99
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Moto Chain Lube

Features and Benefits* Synthetic-base oil* Developed for O- and non-O-ring chains* Protects chain and avoids seizing* Perfect for street and racing motorcycles, and both track and dirt use* Very adhesive* Excellent antiwear protection even when exposed to water or dirt* High lubricity prevents…

$5.99 to $8.99
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Cross Power 4T Oil

…and Benefits* Fully synthetic, high-performance oil designed for motocross and supercross 4-stroke motorcycles* Optimum protection against engine wear under the most grueling, extreme temperature racing conditions * Cross Power 4T 10W50 Oils have been selected by KTM to be used in all of their…

$18.99 to $75.69

Castor 927 Oil

Features and Benefits* Ultimate lubricant for 2-cycle racing engines* Biodegradable* Keeps power valves and rings clean* Pre-mix only, not for injection systems

$17.99 to $33.29
Was: $19.99 to $36.99
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Power RS TTS 2-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil

Features and Benefits * Full synthetic 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil* Creates a tough, heat-reactive layer of protection* Designed for both oil injection and premix lubrication up to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1* Extreme protection even at maximum RPM* Protection against ring sticking and engine…


Super M 2-Stroke Pre-Mix

Features and Benefits* Contains clean burning petroleum base oil, synthetic polyolester, polybutene, anti-scuff/anti-wear compounds and a new additive that keeps rings, power valves and the exhaust tract "carbon free"* 2000 Centistoke Ester provides additional anti-scuff protection as well as…

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Formula 4T Semi-Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Synthetic-blend engine oil for four-stroke motorcycles* High-performance, temperature-stable formula* Optimum protection against wear* Excellent life insurance for your engine* No moly additivesSpecifications* Certifications: JASO MA, API SG, ACEA A3

$14.99 to $54.99
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MTX Synthetic Gear Oil

Features and Benefits * Delivers outstanding engine and transmission performance for fast acceleration * Provides ultimate film-strength protection under extreme working conditions * Ensures extended transmission life

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Motorcycle Oil

Features and Benefits* For use where this viscosity is specifically recommended, like many Kawasaki KX 250F and various Hondas from 2006-up* Blended with specific friction modifiers that are compatible with wet-clutches* Superior film strength through the use of ester base stocks for protection and…

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Thumper Racing Oil

…lubricity, high VI base oil provides reduced friction loss resulting in maximum engine power* Superior anti-wear, Bel-Ray anti-wear additives protect the valve-train and gears subject to constant shock loads and boundary lubrication* Superior shear and temperature stability, oil that flows freely in…

$12.49 to $41.99