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Stopper Brake/Plate LED Light

Features and Benefits* Includes Stopper break light and license plate mounting hardware* Stopper LED Resistor Kit sold separately to convert the Stopper Brake Light into a dual-function running/brake light* Off-highway or show use only* These lights do not meet DOT standards

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LED V-Slant Tail Light

Features and Benefits * Ultra-bright red LEDs incorporate running and brake lights * Off-highway or show use only * These lights do not meet DOT standards * Universal fit

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LED License Plate Frame

Features and Benefits * All-in-one compact design * Turn signal, running light, brake light, license plate light * Designed for 12v electrical systems * 250ma maximum electrical draw * 22" wire length * HARDWARE NOT INCLUDED * NOT DOT CERTIFIED

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LED Tail Light

Features and Benefits* Functions as a running light, brake light and license plate light* Includes mounting location for most turn signals* Universal fit-mounting hardware not included* Meets or exceeds DOT standards

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LED Message License Plate Frame

Features and Benefits * Stores up to 5 messages with a maximum of 250 characters per message * All lights illuminate when braking * Great for advertising your website or business * Perfect for show bikes * 2 meters of wire supplies * Complete and easy installation instructions * ***Lights do NOT…

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D-air Racing Misano Perforated One-Piece Leather Motorcycle Suit

…speed * Acceleration data * Braking distances * Lines through corners ELECTRONIC SYSTEM: * Triggering algorithm and diagnostics managed by dedicated firmware * Seven sensors * Three accelerometers * Three gyroscopes * One GPS * 2 GB internal memory * User interface (LED) * Lithium polymer battery…