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SG-12 MX Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Features and Benefits* Made of a new Swiss breathable fabric called Acronos, the gaiter is extremely stretchy but has the perfect shape to keep the sand and debris out* The toecap has been re-designed and reinforced to provide tougher performance* The new heel cup has been designed to absorb shock…

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ANSR SG12 Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Features and Benefits * Dual Pivot System: All new, patented and exclusive to Gaerne. First pivot is attached to the Razorback, providing a rigid component to offer strong lateral support while a glide-plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position. Second pivot is fixed on a sliding glide,…


GX-1 Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Features and Benefits* Built from the sole up with all the best raw materials, not only will you be able to "Feel the Fit" but this boot will perform the task of keeping you comfortable on those long rides* Sleek new styling along with all new Alloy buckles make this boot an instant winner* Made in…

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