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Thumper Racing Oil

…lubricity, high VI base oil provides reduced friction loss resulting in maximum engine power* Superior anti-wear, Bel-Ray anti-wear additives protect the valve-train and gears subject to constant shock loads and boundary lubrication* Superior shear and temperature stability, oil that flows freely in…

$12.49 to $41.99

Oil Filter

…High filter flow rates are important in racing vehicles where heavier grade oil is used and the oil is pumped much faster than in a standard vehicle. When the engine is circulating oil at high GPM rates, the high-flow oil filter helps reduce the loss of pressure through the filtering process.

$6.95 to $19.99
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Top Speed 4T Oil

…high-performance engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles* The innovative Group 3 synthetic molecular structure provides unusually high performance* Minimum evaporation loss (low Noack scores) and exceptional protection against wear* High friction-coefficient* Decreases oil consumption* No moly…

$15.79 to $57.49

Racing 4T Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

…power and acceleration over the life of the engine * Scientifically developed high-performance additive system * Provides excellent engine protection at peak rpm * Maximum shear stability to help resist viscosity shear down in high performance engines and transmissions * Exceptional thermal…

(27 Reviews)

710 Synthetic 2-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* For oil-injection or premix motors* Meets API-TC, JASO FC-FD, ISO-L-EGD standards* JASO FD is the newest standard, which ensures a clean engine and low smoke

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Power RS TTS 2-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil

…sticking and engine seizure* Protection against thermal and mechanical breakdown* Engine cleanliness and virtually smokeless exhaust* Castrol Power RS TTS is suitable for all types of 2-stroke Japanese or European motorcycle engines running on race, leaded or unleaded gasoline. Designed for both oil


Cross Power 2T Synthetic 2-Stroke Pre-Mix

Features and Benefits* Special 100% synthetic, high-performance oil* For 2-stroke motorcycle engines* 20W viscosity for premix or injector-pump use* Maximum lubrication for enduro and motocross machines* Recommended by KTM for all of their two-stroke motorcycles* Developed for hard conditions* Burns…

$20.99 to $75.49
(6 Reviews)

Power RS Racing 4T Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil

…Race-derived technology for maximum engine acceleration * Extreme high-temperature air-cooled and water-cooled engine performance * Excellent shear stability to prevent viscosity breakdown * Superior high-speed engine protection to help extend engine life * Outstanding oil consumption and control,…

(22 Reviews)

Cross Power 4T Oil

…and Benefits* Fully synthetic, high-performance oil designed for motocross and supercross 4-stroke motorcycles* Optimum protection against engine wear under the most grueling, extreme temperature racing conditions * Cross Power 4T 10W50 Oils have been selected by KTM to be used in all of their…

$18.99 to $75.69

ActEvo X-Tra 4T Semi-Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

…Protection against engine wear during long trips, short commuting, and stop/start conditions* Protects against harmful engine deposits* Good oil consumption control* Good gear and wet clutch performance* Castrol Act>Evo X-Tra is suitable for all makes of motorcycle four-stroke engines running on…

$6.99 to $26.99
Was: $7.99 to $29.99
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Power RS V-Twin 4T Motor Oil

…motorcycle oil * Tri-Zone protection - engine, transmission, clutch/primary * Developed specifically for V-Twin engines * Provides excellent protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown under high temperatures generated by air-cooled V-Twin engines * Superior high speed engine protection to…

(4 Reviews)

Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

…- Engine, Transmission, Clutch/Primary * Outstanding protection against wear of engine and transmission components * Optimized for hot-running, air-cooled engines * Enhanced lubrication for peak horsepower and to help maintain maximum power and acceleration over the life of the engine * Protects…

(16 Reviews)

High-Performance Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

…* 10W30: 4-stroke motocross and ATV engines; 4-cylinder and V-twin sportbikes * 10W40: 4-stroke motocross and ATV engines; 4-cylinder and V-twin sportbikes * 20W50: Big-Twin motorcycle engines, including Evos ('84-) and V-Rod * 20W60HD: Air-cooled V-Twin engines with traditionally wide clearances…

$13.95 to $14.99
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Castor 927 Oil

Features and Benefits* Ultimate lubricant for 2-cycle racing engines* Biodegradable* Keeps power valves and rings clean* Pre-mix only, not for injection systems

$17.99 to $33.29
Was: $19.99 to $36.99
(6 Reviews)

Formula 4T Semi-Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Synthetic-blend engine oil for four-stroke motorcycles* High-performance, temperature-stable formula* Optimum protection against wear* Excellent life insurance for your engine* No moly additivesSpecifications* Certifications: JASO MA, API SG, ACEA A3

$14.99 to $54.99
(5 Reviews)

Power Synt 4T Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Fully synthetic, high-performance 4-stroke engine oil for motorcycles* Provides optimum protection against engine wear under the most grueling extreme-temperature racing conditions* No slipping of the wet clutch* Extreme temperature and shear protection

$18.99 to $71.99
(4 Reviews)

EXL Motorcycle Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* Premium petroleum-based oil* Wear protection for engines, transmissions, clutch components

$8.99 to $29.95
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2-Stroke Racing Oil

…deposits in even the hottest upper-ring and piston-crown areas * Suggested for use at 50:1, but can be used richer or leaner * Can be used up to 100:1 depending on the type of engine and operating conditions * Unequalled protection in motorcycle and marine engines as a premix or injection oil

$10.99 to $80.99
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Foam Filter Oil

Features and Benefits * Traps dust and dirt to help prevent engine damage * Does not restrict air flow


MTX Synthetic Gear Oil

Features and Benefits * Delivers outstanding engine and transmission performance for fast acceleration * Provides ultimate film-strength protection under extreme working conditions * Ensures extended transmission life

(2 Reviews)

V-Twin Primary Case Oil

Features and Benefits * Operates over a wide temperature range * Improves clutch operation * Reduces wear and temperature * Friction-balanced oil for less slip and smoother operation * Applies more power in modified engines

(4 Reviews)

Women's Twin Buckle Engineer Motorcycle Boots

Features and Benefits* 1- 5/8" threaded heel* 7- 1/2" tall upper* Rich, full-grain, oiled leather uppers* Oil-resistant, rubber outsole and breathable, padded insole for improved comfort* Tempered steel shank for outstanding support and wear

Was: $169.95

Titanium LR Technology Exhaust Header Wrap

…Reduces temperature % vibration breakdown* Extremely pliable for a tight and secure wrap* Pre-wetting roll not necessary for wrapping* Withstands 1200°F direct/2500°F intermittent heat* High resistance to abrasions, oil spills, temperatures and vibration breakdown* Made in the USA


Super M 2-Stroke Pre-Mix

Features and Benefits* Contains clean burning petroleum base oil, synthetic polyolester, polybutene, anti-scuff/anti-wear compounds and a new additive that keeps rings, power valves and the exhaust tract "carbon free"* 2000 Centistoke Ester provides additional anti-scuff protection as well as…

Was: $8.99
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