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Moto Chain Lube

…oil* Developed for O- and non-O-ring chains* Protects chain and avoids seizing* Perfect for street and racing motorcycles, and both track and dirt use* Very adhesive* Excellent antiwear protection even when exposed to water or dirt* High lubricity prevents fly-off* Good rust and corrosion…

$5.99 to $8.99
(2 Reviews)

Black Label Chain Lube

…non-O-ring chains by providing a super-tacky formula that won't fly off* Penetrates deep into the chain* Lubricates pins, rollers, side plates, and sprocket* Reduces chain stretch and the need for frequent adjustments* Has a memory to bounce back to absorb the shock that other chain lubricants

$8.99 to $14.99
(22 Reviews)

Super Clean Chain Lube

Features and Benefits* Repels dirt, sand, water and grit* Long-lasting lubrication and anti-wear protection for chain and sprockets* Tremendous film strength and anti-wear properties* Good for all O-ring and roller chains for street and off-road use

$9.99 to $15.99
Was: $10.99 to $15.99
(21 Reviews)

Chain Wax

Features and Benefits* Concentrated* Revolutionary new chain lubrication* Much higher lube retention results in greatly reduced chain and sprocket wear and increased free spinning* Ideal for O-ring, X-ring, competition and standard chains

$6.74 to $10.34
Was: $7.49 to $11.49
(62 Reviews)

Off-Road Chain Lube Spray

Features and Benefits* Fully synthetic, wear-reducing chain lubricant* Clear formula* Waterproof* Resistant to spin and pressure* Tested for X-ring and O-ring chains* Expecially suited for motocross, enduro, and offroad use

$8.49 to $13.49
Was: $8.99 to $13.49
(6 Reviews)

Biodegradable Chain Lube

…Guilty-free! Over spray will not harm the environment* Minimal fling off* Triple action formula cleans, lubricates and protects standard and O-ring chains* Engineered to adhere to your chain, on or off-road* Biodegradable and NON-TOXIC! Will not affect your lungs, liver or immune system like…

Was: $13.95

Blue Label Chain Lube

Features and Benefits * Clear formula won't fly off * Has a memory that bounces back to absorb chain lash * Reduces chain stretch and the need for frequent adjustments * Lubricates between roller and sprocket * Preserves O-rings * Can also be used on standard chains

$8.95 to $13.95
(6 Reviews)