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Oiling Tub

Features and Benefits* Submerge your clean filter in this tub for easy, even oiling* Massage out the excess oil and reseal to store your unused filter oil* Filter Oil sold separately


Foam Filter Oil

Features and Benefits * Traps dust and dirt to help prevent engine damage * Does not restrict air flow


Recharger Kit

Features and Benefits* 6-step maintenance system to clean air filters* Restores maximum air flow* Kit contains one 8oz. squeeze bottle of air filter oil and one 12oz. can of air filter cleaner

(4 Reviews)

Air Filter Oil

Features and Benefits* Every K&N filter must be treated with K&N air filter oil* Use before installing new filter and after cleaning

$6.95 to $9.99
(6 Reviews)

Aerosol Recharger Kit

Features and Benefits * Designed to recharge any K&N filter charger * Kit contains 6.5oz. spray oil, 12oz. filter cleaner and decal

(1 Reviews)

FFT Foam Filter Oil

Features and Benefits* Waterproof filter protection against dirt and fine dust* Synthetic formula does not restrict air flow* Does not plug filter cells or migrate off filter

$7.19 to $12.55
Was: $8.99 to $13.95
(1 Reviews)