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Cross Power 2T Synthetic 2-Stroke Pre-Mix

Features and Benefits* Special 100% synthetic, high-performance oil* For 2-stroke motorcycle engines* 20W viscosity for premix or injector-pump use* Maximum lubrication for enduro and motocross machines* Recommended by KTM for all of their two-stroke motorcycles* Developed for hard conditions* Burns…

$20.99 to $75.49
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Super M 2-Stroke Pre-Mix

…formula* Exceeds BIA/TC-W, JASO-FC, ISO-E-GD and API-TC specifications Super-M is ideally suited as a premix with pump or race gasoline in virtually all high performance and racing 2-cycle engines. Recommended Premix Ratios* 50-80cc (24-32:1)* 125cc (24-40:1)* 250cc (24-40:1)* 500cc and up (32-60:1)

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710 Synthetic 2-Stroke Motor Oil

Features and Benefits* For oil-injection or premix motors* Meets API-TC, JASO FC-FD, ISO-L-EGD standards* JASO FD is the newest standard, which ensures a clean engine and low smoke

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2-Stroke Racing Oil

…deposits in even the hottest upper-ring and piston-crown areas * Suggested for use at 50:1, but can be used richer or leaner * Can be used up to 100:1 depending on the type of engine and operating conditions * Unequalled protection in motorcycle and marine engines as a premix or injection oil

$10.99 to $80.99
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Power RS TTS 2-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil

…Benefits * Full synthetic 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil* Creates a tough, heat-reactive layer of protection* Designed for both oil injection and premix lubrication up to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1* Extreme protection even at maximum RPM* Protection against ring sticking and engine seizure* Protection…


Castor 927 Racing Oil

Features and Benefits* Not intended for use in oil injection systems* Castor 927 is ideally suited as a premix for both leaded and unleaded fuels* Biodegradable

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Castor 927 Oil

Features and Benefits* Ultimate lubricant for 2-cycle racing engines* Biodegradable* Keeps power valves and rings clean* Pre-mix only, not for injection systems

$17.99 to $33.29
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