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HBC100 Plus Bluetooth Communication System - Single

About The Product

The HBC100 Plus offers the absolute best in small group intercom between 4 people, delivering over 1 mile range at an affordable price point. Using the latest Bluetooth® technology, the UCLEAR HBC100 Plus lets you communicate with other riders, listen to music and make phone calls all with your helmet on. Full-duplex intercom system allows four riders to communicate at a distance of up to 500 meters each. Multi-Hop Technology® extends the range up to 1.2 miles with four riders connected. UCLEAR’s boomless microphone & patented beam forming technology isolates the voice and eliminates background noise, so users can be heard even in the most extreme environment. Water and temperature resistant so you can ride in any weather. Voice-activated pick up allows hands-free operation. Free firmware upgrades keep your units up to date with the latest features. Cross brand compatible.




SKU : web2044093
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