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Yamaha Speedometer Corrector

About The Product

Speedometer error in motorcycles is a serious problem and beyond simple gearing changes and/or rear tire size changes, the factory's inaccuracy is unfairly increasing mileage readings on vehicles, ultimately hurting values.

Everyone deserves an accurate speedometer to prevent breaking the law and hurting the value of their motorcycles. Until now, the only solution was limited to a few products that require complicated mathematic formulas to calculate an adjustment to offset a gearing or tire/wheel change, but it still carried the original factory offset along with it.

An easy way to fix incorrect motorcycle speedometer calibration is with Speedo Tuner's Speedometer Corrector. The Speedometer Corrector is s small instrument used to recalibrate speedometer errors in most motorcycles.

So no matter if you have made no changes or numerous changes to your motorcycle, Speedo Tuner's Speedometer Corrector fixes your calibration once and for all!

Features and Benefits
  • Speedometer and odometer corrections fall within 1% of actual speed and mileage
  • No math required
  • Easy 3-step instillation
  • Calibration unaffected by gear, sprocket, wheel and transmission changes


Locate the 3-wire connector on your motorcycle for the factory speedometer sensor pickup (it will match the connectors on our module). On most bikes, it will be under the fuel tank, sitting on top of the main crankcases, behind the fuel injection/carburetors. The speedo sensor pickup from the engine usually comes off the rear of the engine cases, you can follow this wire around to the connection. Check with your dealer or a shop manual if you are unsure.

Unplug the stock 3-wire connector and after routing the wiring from under the seat area, plug the mating connectors into each side of the factory connectors. Tuck the wiring so it doesn't get pinched when you lower the fuel tank. Find a good location for the Speedometer Corrector under the driver or passenger seat where it is out of the way and is not directly exposed to the weather. Velcro it in position so the set button will not get inadvertently pushed.

Methods of Calibration

Choose one of the following methods to calibrate the Speedometer Corrector:
  • Use a motorcycle dyno. They have very accurate speedometer readings.
  • Temporarily mount a GPS system on your bike that reads m.p.h.
  • Follow another vehicle with a known accurate speedometer. Most late model automobiles with stock wheels and tires are accurate within 1%.
  • Use a measured mile on the highway and drive until you can go 1 mile in exactly 60 seconds. (60 m.p.h.)

Calibration Procedure

Once you have chosen your method of calibration, this is the procedure:
  • Temporarily mount the Speedometer Corrector module up on your fuel tank with the extra supplied Velcro. Make sure you can comfortably see the indicator light.
  • Start riding the motorcycle and when you are ready to start the procedure hold the set button down for approximately 6 seconds until the red light starts to blink rapidly, release the button
  • As soon as possible, operate your motorcycle at a TRUE speed that you want to calibrate the unit at. (Although the Speedometer Corrector will calibrate at any speed, we strongly recommend 60 m.p.h. as the speed you use). Now push the set button again for 1-2 seconds until the red light starts blinking slower than before.
  • Now alter your bike's speed so that the speedometer indicates the speed you have chosen (60 m.p.h.) to calibrate at and once more push the set button for 1-2 seconds. You should see the red light go solid and you may notice the speedometer needle jump to the corrected setting.
  • If you have made a mistake or gotten interrupted, simply hold the set button down for the 5-6 seconds until the red light starts blinking quickly then start again.
  • Remount the Speedometer Corrector under the seat once you have stopped and turned off the motorcycle.

If you choose to calibrate the Speedometer Corrector while operating your motorcycle on public roads, please find a quiet and remote stretch where you can perform this test without distraction.

Please ride safe and be aware.

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