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HID Light Kit

About The Product

Light up the night with this OEM plug and play replacement light kit designed specifically for off-highway or show use only. This HID kit draws on average 75% of the power and lasts up to twice as long as an OEM halogen bulb.

Features and Benefits
  • Requires only 35 watts of power compared to OEM's 50 - 65 watts
  • Produces less heat than most OEM halogen bulbs
  • 2000 hour average bulb life (compare to OEM's 450 - 1000 hours)
  • Ultra slim ballast with built-in igniter for easier installation
  • H4 kit retains High and Low beam functions
  • Direct OEM plug-and-play replacement - No cutting of wires, required
  • Available in H4, H7, H9 and H11
  • Kits include:
  • One xenon 6000k bulb
  • Ultra slim ballast
  • Wiring harness
  • Intended for off-street use only
  • Off-highway or show use only
  • These lights do not meet DOT standards

SKU : web1009010