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Moto Mercenary Armored Motorcycle Hoody

About The Product

A successful mercenary blends in with his surroundings. You can’t get away with your assault in the city streets when you're dressed like an out of work super hero. That’s why Speed and Strength stepped in with their Moto Mercenary Armored Motorcycle Hoody. The casual style draws only the good kind of attention and CE-Approved Vault® armor at the shoulders, elbows, and spine remains low key until you need it. Ditch the super suit and go undercover as a rider for hire.

Features and Benefits
  • Enzyme Washed Cotton Poly Blend Frame
  • Removable Vault® C.E. Approved Shoulder And Elbow Protectors
  • Removable Vault® C.E. Approved Spine Protector
  • Raw Edge Seams
  • Premium 3D Embroidered Art

SKU : web2045847