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Discovery Rain Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

About The Product

The Discovery Rain is the only water resistant off road boot on the market. The Discovery is lined with a water resistant membrane.

Sidi boots do not incorporate inner booties into their design, and for good reason. Booties make the design larger and cumbersome; add to the boot's thickness, which interferes with shifting, plus the inner booties retain body heat affecting the rider's performance and comfort.

Sidi's exclusive cam-lock buckle system is acknowledged as the finest system on the planet. The cam-lock buckle system incorporates a strap memory retention system. Adjust the straps once, and they will be at the same position for every ride after that! No more readjusting for every ride or mid-day during a ride.

Each Sidi boot is equipped with an anti-heat undressed leather protection panel at the same height of most motorcycle's exhaust heat shields.

Sidi is the only manufacturer to use a composite insole that is anatomically shaped to the rider. A cushioned liner is provided that can be removed if the rider desires a more roomy fit. Sidi does not use steel shanks riveted to its insole like most manufacturers, details such as this enable Sidi boots to enjoy a multi year service life versus a multi-month lifespan, as over time, a steel shank can deteriorate, rust and fracture exposing the rider to injury.

Every bolt-on component of each Sidi off road boot is available separately. Riders can change the various components to replace items that have worn or have been damaged in a crash or to make a custom colored boot to match his/her personal taste.

Features and Benefits
  • Membrane equipped to add a water resistant yet breathable barrier between the elements and the rider's feet
  • Soft rubber sole for maximum grip

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