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Hornet-DS Dual-Sport Motorcycle Helmet

About The Product

Designed for the adventure-touring, supermotard, and dual-sport crowd, the Shoei Hornet-DS is a hybrid helmet with the capabilities of on- and off-road helmets. This allows for three versatile configurations that complement all forms of motorcycle riding.

With the shield and visor equipped, the Hornet is the perfect tool for exploring trails and backroads with your friends. The shield will minimize noise while protecting your face and eyes from bugs and dust. Meanwhile, the visor protects your eyes from the glare of the sun - and can also deflect the roost that your buddies might throw back at you in the dirt.

If the trails get really tight or muddy, you can simply remove the shield and ride with a pair of goggles instead.

Since it might have taken some high-speed highway commuting to get to your favorite trail, the visor can be removed to completely eliminate the buffeting that comes with having a brim.

Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) shell features high-performance-fiber materials that are combined with extremely elastic organic fibers to create a structure that is ultra-lightweight, rigid, and resilient
  • Three-piece EPS liner system within AIM+, even in chinbar area
  • Exclusive Semi-Dual EPS liner for better ventilation and improved impact absorption
  • Visor is positioned slightly higher than typical off-road helmets to increase visibility
  • Visor incorporates a front air intake to channel air into top of helmet
  • Wide eyeport for better range of vision
  • Three-dimensionally curved, 2mm-thick shield completely seals against the eyeport beading
  • Four faceshield positions that pivot flawlessly below visor
  • Effective, advanced ventilation system with ram-air intakes and Cross Vortex exhausts
  • Shutter behind nose cover directs airflow, clearing shield fogging
  • Innovative 3D Max Dry liner material that can absorb 35 times its weight in moisture
  • Fully removable, multi-density foam interior padding
  • Slits in cheekpads to comfortably accommodate eyeglasses
  • Chin curtain to reduce cold wind entering from the bottom and noise
  • Four different shell sizes to help you find the perfect fit
  • Certifications: DOT; Snell M2005
  • Weight (approx.): 3.4 lbs. / 1560 g
Unless otherwise noted, helmet comes standard with clear faceshield.

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