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EXO-400/EXO-700 Series Helmet Faceshield

About The Product

What is EverClear no-fog coating?

EverClear is a thermally bonded anti-fog coating that protects against the build up of fog on the inside of the faceshield.

How is it applied:

EverClear is flow coated onto the molded Polycarbonate shield and then thermally bonded (heated) in a dust free environment. Scorpion tested their Anti-fog coating against their competition and found Scorpion shields offer a better, consistent coating and a baking process that is second to none.

The thickness and consistent coating is why EverClear performs much better and lasts much longer without fog/moisture (condensation) buildup.

The shield comes in Clear, Blue, Bronze, Dark Smoke, Light Smoke, Gold, Green, Ruby, Silver, and Yellow. Mirrored shields come in either non-EverClear or with EverClear (EC).

Smoked and tinted shields are designed for daytime use only. Not recommended for use at night.

SKU : web1006172