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Diablo Supersport Street Motorcycle Tires

About The Product

Features and Benefits
  • Silica-Silan matrix compound and multi-radius profile are some of the innovative R&D racing attributes engineered into the Diablo
  • Enhanced bike control, high-speed stability, and quick warm-up thanks to the new silica compound, new profile, and optimized tread pattern
  • Optimized Land/Sea ratio provides outstanding grip and traction in wet and dry conditions, plus improved tread wear and performance throughout the tire's life

Manufactured Sizes
  • Front: 120/60R-17 (55H); 120/60ZR-17 (55W); 110/70R-17 (54H); 110/70ZR-17 (54W); 120/70R-17 (58H); 120/70ZR-17 (58W); 130/70ZR-16 (61W)
  • Rear: 150/60R-17 (66H); 150/60ZR-17 (66W); 160/60R-17 (69H); 160/60ZR-17 (69W); 170/60ZR-17 (72W); 180/55ZR-17 (73W); 190/50ZR-17 (73W); 200/50ZR-17 (75W); 150/70ZR-18 (70W); 240/40ZR-18 (79W)

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