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Gold Medal Natural-Rubber Inner Tube

About The Product

Features and Benefits
    Heavy duty Tube
  • 1.75mm thick for serious flat protection
  • High-quality rubber
    Ultra Heavy duty Tube
  • 2.25mm thick for the ultimate in flat and pinch resistance
  • High-quality rubber

Valve Stem Types
  • TR-4 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.) IRC & Dunlop
  • TR-6 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.)
  • TR-13 - Straight rubber stem (11.5mm dia.)
  • TR-15 - Straight rubber stem (16mm dia.)
  • PV 78 - Tall 90o metal stem
  • TR-87 / JS-87 - Short 90o metal stem (10mm dia.)
  • TR-87C / JS-87C - Tall 90o metal stem (10mm dia.)

SKU : web1005066