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About The Product

Mr. Moto Wash is super-concentrated and specifically formulated for the demanding applications unique to the motorsports industry.

Designed with the high-performance racing enthusiast in mind, it effectively removes the tough dirt and stains associated with dirt, drag, and street motorcycles, as well as cars, RVs, and more. The concentrated, dual-action detergent in Mr. Moto Wash suspends and floats away dirt and grease. It makes rinsing easier, while creating a sheeting action that won't leave streaks or spots.

Mr. Moto Wash is formulated by VP Racing, manufacturer of high-quality racing fuels and other performance products since 1975.

Available Sizes

  • 32-oz. (0.95 L) spray bottle
  • 1-gallon (3.78 L) refill

SKU : web1004976