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Pro Series 4000 Charger and Maintainer

About The Product

The MegaBoost Charger/Maintainer 4000 is perfect for those wanting to charge and maintain their 6v or 12v lead acid battery.

  • Diagnosis: Checks for proper battery connection (polarity) and for internal battery damage causing a short. Detects the battery voltage (6V or12V). Tests the battery to determine whether it is good or dead.
  • Bulk Charge: For 6V battery: Charges with constant current of 2A. For 12V battery: Charges with constant current of 2A or 4A (Determined by user).
  • Absorption: Using a constant high current for extended periods of time increases the risk of damaging the battery. To help eliminate the risk, a constant 1.5A (rated) low charging current (output) is given until the battery is fully charged (13.6V±0.2V), then the output is turned off.
  • Maintenance: The charger monitors the battery voltage. If the battery voltage falls below 12.8V±0.2V for a 12V battery or 6.2V ±0.2V for 6V battery, the charger will restart output to charge the battery at about 1A current until fully charged then the output is turned off. The maintenance charging cycle is repeated to keep the battery in good condition when it is not in use and enables the charger to be left connected indefinitely.
  • Recovery: Use the Recovery Mode for 12V batteries with voltage lower than 8V (the battery should not be completely dead). Recovery Mode charges at a constant 1.5A (rated) low charging current (output) to recover the battery. The recovery process terminates when the voltage reaches 10.5V ± 0.25V, and then it switches over to regular charging mode.

Features and Benefits
  • Fully Automatic - Detects 6v or 12v battery and switches from charge mode to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged
  • Easy to read LED lights indicate power on, 6v or 12v mode, 2 amp or 4 amp charge rate, and battery charge status
  • 2 amp charge rate for 6v battery
  • Select between 2 amp or 4 amp charge rate for 12v battery
  • Overcharge and Short Circuit Protection
  • Includes quick disconnect Battery Terminal and Alligator Clip leads for ease of use
  • Safe for use on all 12v Lead Acid type batteries including, Conventional Flooded (wet), Factory Activated Maintenance Free (MF/FA), Absorbed Glass Mat Maintenance Free (AGM), and Gel (Gel Electrolyte) type batteries

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