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Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

About The Product

K&N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner is the only cleaner recommended to clean K&N cotton air filter elements. It will loosen and remove built up dirt and grime from your K&N oiled cotton air filter so it can be washed clean with water. In fact, it is so good at cleaning greasy dirt and grime that it is also used as an industrial strength degreaser. After your K&N air filter dries re-oil it with K&N air filter oil (sold separately).

Features and Benefits

  • High performance cleaner and degreaser
  • The only cleaner designed specifically for K&N cotton filters
  • Also removes grease from painted surfaces, chrome, plastic and more
  • 32 ounce pump spray bottle

SKU : web1003709
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