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Insulated Denim Motorcycle Pants

About The Product

The Icon design and development team is located in dark and cold Portland, Oregon. Most of them ride to work year-round. Those of you who do the same will understand what they're up to with this genius product. The big deal here is the removable and washable insulated lining, which gives you the choice: ultra-toasty, or cool and loose. The outer chassis is heavy 14oz denim with integrated Aramid reinforced knee and hip panels, all blended together with some trick urban styling. We can't warm your tires before you set out, but we can offer a product that keeps your knees from knocking against the tank.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable 14oz. denim
  • Removable insulated washable lining
  • Aramid reinforced knee & hip panels

SKU : web1003300

Size Chart