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Sintered Brake Pads

About The Product

Galfer has been providing high end braking solutions to the United States market since 1992, and they have applications for most street bikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs.

Features and Benefits
    G1003: Carbon-Graphite Race
  • Used by top racers like Mat Mladin, Ben Spies, Tommy Hayden, Ruben Xaus, and Doug Chandler
  • Very progressive pads that work better the hotter they get
  • Proven compound can reach friction levels as high as 0.72u
  • Laser-cut backing plate has an exact fitment, limited stress to the material, and higher consistency than stamped ones
  • Heat-treated backing plates are double-disc ground to be perfectly flat
  • Almost no plate warping, which keeps the pad in better contact with disc
  • Available for most modern OEM 600/750/1000 motorcycles and Brembo calipers
    Not recommended for street use or for bikes under 600cc
    G1370: Advanced Ceramics
  • Same great features of the G1375 compound, minus the ceramic-coated backing plate
  • Excellent heat recovery
  • Very easy on discs
  • Perfect brake pad for those canyon runs
  • Available for most Supersport and Superbike front calipers (600-1000cc)
    G1371: Advanced Ceramics (Rear Only)
  • Designed to account for the fact that a rear brake will not develop the same amount of heat as the front
  • Great sintered performance and feel, while being more forgiving than front pads
  • Compound incorporates advanced ceramics
  • Perfect for casual and top-level riders alike
  • Available in most popular streetbike makes and models
    For rear-pad use only
    G1375: Advanced Ceramics with Coated Backing
  • Used by most racers at top club levels and by AMA contenders
  • Compound incorporates advanced ceramics
  • Fast heat recovery for more-consistent braking and more "feel"
  • Withstands more heating cycles
  • Very easy on rotors thanks to different levels of metallics than OEM and other aftermarket brands
  • Ceramic-coated backplate to help dissipate heat away from pad
  • Reduces amount of heat transferred into caliper pistons, allowing for a cooler-running system
  • Available for most Supersport and Superbike front calipers (600-1000cc)
    G1397: Ceramic-Based HDs (ATVs)
  • Used by Yoshimura Suzuki's Doug Gust and tested at every race
  • Perfect for smaller, faster sport ATVs
  • Ceramic-based HD compound for great heat recovery
  • Outstanding bite with tons of progressiveness
  • Pads are easy on rotors
  • Available for front and rear calipers of all modern and most older quads

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