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2015 PeeWee Titan Roost Deflector

About The Product

PeeWee riders need upper body coverage that fits properly. The PeeWee Titan Roost Deflector gives PeeWee riders a comfortable, non-bulky fit, that's easy to get on and off. So all they have to worry about is enjoying the ride.

Features and Benefits
  • Smaller design specifically geared for children ages 3-9
  • Flexible and comfortable design gives Peewee riders ample coverage
  • Perforated foam chassis sculpts to body and provides great airflow
  • TPR chest plate for frontal-impact protection
  • TPR back plate with articulation hinge
  • Tough plastic shells for impact resistance
  • Easy-to-adjust, Easy to use elastic waist strap system with hook and loop closure is designed to be simple for both child and parents
  • Soft backing material prevents chafing
  • Perforated BioFoam chassis for increased ventilation
  • Adjustable armguard straps
  • Can be worn under or over jersey
  • Injection molded plastic shoulder pads

SKU : web1002612

Size Chart