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Sportmax Q3 Motorcycle Tires

About The Product

Meet the all new Sportmax Q3 Motorcycle Tires, the next-generation successor to the highly praised Sportmax Q2. And in response to musings about how the Q2 could be bettered, consider this: not only does the Sportmax Q3 deliver next-generation performance and incorporate Dunlop’s new Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT), it also represents an outstanding value, which makes it a winner twice over. Dunlop has taken what they have learned from being the official tire supplier for AMA Pro Road Racing and produced their most technologically advanced tire to date.

Video: The All-New Sportmax Q3

Features and Benefits
  • Agressive new tread pattern inspired by the DOT-Approved D211 GP-A race tire used in three classes of AMA Pro Road Racing.
  • Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT), for a high strength-to-volume ratio and cornering stability especially at high lean angles.
  • Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) design offers phenomenal steering and handling characteristics thanks to a taller profile along with sides that taper in more aggressively.
  • MT Multi-Tread™ in the rear incorporates a tough, cool-running and long-wearing compound in the center of the tire and lateral-grip compounds on the left and right sides to enhance traction at moderate-to-maximum lean angles.
  • Road race derived rubber compound
  • Provides exceptional cornering performance, grip and confidence in wet or dry conditions on the street or on the track

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