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Qualifier Street Motorcycle Tires

About The Product

The new Dunlop Qualifier brings the high-performance radial sportbike tire to a whole new level.

Features and Benefits
  • Offers true race track level grip and performance for the street
  • Race derived front tire profile promotes quicker turn-in and lighter steering, and is engineered to offer a larger footprint at maximum lean angles
  • Rear tire compound blends three race developed polymers to maximize grip and warm up quickly in the wet or the dry
  • Advanced belt design and Jointless Band (JLB) construction reduce unsprung weight for quicker acceleration and enhanced steering characteristics
  • Next generation cosecant curve tread pattern allows the driving and braking forces to remain properly aligned under cornering conditions
  • Heats up faster and sticks better than its predecessor, the D208ZR sport radial

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