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TRQ-Race In Motorcycle Boots

About The Product

Technology and ergonomics are combined in this Lorica® racing boot to be fitted under the suit in order to both reduce the risk of getting caught on foreign objects in case of fall and for greater aerodynamics and lightness. Remarkable safety is ensured by the jointed D-Axial ankle anti-twist system with TPU casing, the shock absorption heel that reduces compression shock, by the heel and the front and rear shin-guards in TPU, and by the nylon outsole and toe.

D-Stone™ construction lets the fit be adapted to different types of foot.

A differentiated texture sole and TPU inserts in the inner side ensure elevated grip during riding.

Features and Benefits
  • D-Axial jointed anti-twist back system in TPU material
  • Nylon toe
  • TPU heel counter
  • Nylon heel
  • Shock absorption insert on the heel
  • Lorica® uppers
  • Suit-to-boot fastening system
  • Elasticized bellows
  • Back-closing zipper
  • Padded insert for gear shifter guard
  • High-grip TPU inserts
  • Setscrew wrench supplied
  • Replaceable slider

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