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Racing Textile Motorcycle Jacket

About The Product

This technical jacket vaunts an aggressive, distinctive sport look with aluminum inserts on the shoulders that complete this model's 'sthetics and design while providing greater protection. Cowhide, composite protectors on the shoulders and elbows and the pocket for the G Back Protector ensures protection in case of fall.

Comfort, ergonomics, and practicality are ensured by elasticized inserts on the neck, sleeves and sides, and the jacket-pants fastening zipper. Air inlets on the sides and chest permit ideal inner temperature control as well.

Features and Benefits
  • Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1/97 Standard offer elevated standards of protection thanks to a patented net structure capable of distributing impact force over a wider area. These excellent impact force absorption values guarantee conformity to CE homologation requisites
  • Ergonomic design contributes to increased comfort while the external perforated structure increases breathability
  • Composite protectors are inserted on the shoulders, elbows, knees, and back, and can be removed to increase the garment's versatility: without the protectors it can worn as an article of everyday wear
  • Co-injected shoulder with aluminum insert
  • Cowhide offers a good level of breathability while ensuring elevated resistance to abrasion
  • S1 fabric
  • Jacket/pants fastening system
  • Waist adjustment
  • Inserts in stretch fabric
  • Elastic inserts positioned in strategic points improves the garment's capacity to adapt to the changing shapes and movement of the body during riding
  • Collar with elasticized insert
  • Air vents at sides dissipate the heat produced by the body when engaged in exertion during the warmest seasons of the year
  • Sanityzed® liner
  • Pocket for G Back Protector
  • Reflecting inserts on the elbows and back make the rider more visible in the dark
  • Soft inserts increase comfort and prevent smaller injuries
  • Internal pocket
  • Two outer pockets

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