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Aspide Perforated One-Piece Leather Motorcycle Suit

About The Product

Hard braking at the last possible moment: the rush of adrenaline, the air that beats against your chest, the engine that falters as you dive deep into the curve with your heart in your mouth. For lightning-quick, precise movements on your bike, as to couch behind the fairing, you need a suit with nothing but perfect ergonomics for that freedom of movement in the saddle. Aspide offers innovative 2Skin construction combined with Micro elastic inserts and bi-axial elasticized inserts to give you the greatest agility while maintaining optimum respiration with a fit like a glove at the same time.

Features and Benefits
  • Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1/97 Standard
  • Co-injected shoulder with aluminium insert
  • Pro Shape soft protectors certified to Standard EN 1621.1/97 at sides
  • Cowhide leather
  • S1 fabric
  • 2Skin composite inserts in elasticated fabric and leather
  • Bi-axial elasticated insert system
  • Microelastic elasticated inserts
  • Inserts in elasticated fabric
  • Elasticated inserts
  • Collar with elasticated insert
  • Double calf zip
  • Suit to boot fastening system
  • Localized perforation
  • Removable Sanitized lining
  • Aerodynamic spoiler
  • Crash Absorb inserts
  • Reflective inserts
  • Replaceable sliders
  • Internal pocket
  • Protection & Cleaning Kit
  • Oversuit provided
  • 2Skin (Italian patent n 1380444, European patent pending)
  • Microelastic (European Patent Pending)
  • Localized perforation (Italian patent n1380447, European patent n 2055452)
  • Suit to boot fastening system (European patent n EP 0950361 B)
  • Bi-axial elasticated insert system (Italian patent n 1380444, European patent pending)
  • Made to measure service available FIT
  • Uomo Cod. 1513374

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