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Motorcycle Throttle Control

About The Product

The CrampBuster Throttle Control is the original cruise-assist accessory, and thousands of riders worldwide enjoy this easy-to-use tool.

There are no moving parts or tools required. It works much like an oil-filter wrench; simply stretch it open and snap it on the outside of your grip. It will rotate freely clockwise (upward), but when turned counterclockwise (downward) by the weight of your palm, it pinches and the throttle is pulled open.

CrampBuster is the original design, not a copy or an imitation. When you buy a genuine CrampBuster, you know you're getting the real deal.

Features and Benefits

  • Full throttle control with a relaxed hand
  • Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
  • Comfortably fits your hand
  • Easier throttle operation
  • Eliminates throttle "creep"
  • Safe - doesn't lock throttle on
  • Sizes
    • Regular: STANDARD - Fits One 5/16 Inch And Smaller Diameter Grips
    • Wide: OVERSIZE - Fits One 3/8 inch And Larger Diameter Grips

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