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Power RS V-Twin 4T Motor Oil

About The Product

Castrol Power RS V-Twin 4T with TriZone Technology™ is a full synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil exclusively designed for modern V-Twin engines, transmissions and primary chaincases. Its power protection formula is specially designed to protect your V-twin's engine from the build up of (heat derived) power robbing deposits, enabling you to get the best performance from your bike. It has been engineered and tested for performance in Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Features and Benefits

  • Full synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil
  • Tri-Zone protection - engine, transmission, clutch/primary
  • Developed specifically for V-Twin engines
  • Provides excellent protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown under high temperatures generated by air-cooled V-Twin engines
  • Superior high speed engine protection to help extend engine life
  • Protection against thermal and mechanical breakdown
  • Excellent oil consumption control
  • Protection against harmful engine deposits
  • Excellent gear shift quality
  • Delivers proven wet clutch performance allowing for smooth operation and protection
  • Excellent protection of exhaust and catalyst system
  • Castrol Power RS V-Twin is Suitable for all Japanese and North American 4-stroke motorcycles where SAE 20W-50 is recommended



  • API Service: Exceeds API SL
  • JASO (T903): JASO MA-2
  • Viscosity: SAE 20W-50

SKU : web1001318