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Bar Harness 2

About The Product

Transport your moto safely without risking damage to your grips.

Features and Benefits
  • Features a glass filled injection molded polycarbonate cup with steel lay-in that replaces the old handlebar cuff.
  • Cross straps are held farther away from switchgear.
  • Cups eliminate possible damage to soft grips and hold the cross straps further out on the bars to clear a wider variety of fairings.
  • Cups are sized to fit the fattest grips in the industry.
  • Steel D-ring lay-ins prevent looses even after many years of weather and abuse begin to weaken the polycarbonate cup.
  • Heavier thread with more stitches for greater strength.
  • Short harness fits bars up to 28 wide, Sport/Standard fits bars up to 32 wide, X-Wide fits bars up to 36 wide, XX-Wide fits bars up to 40 wide.

SKU : web1001276

Available Size Chart