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Gripster Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tires

About The Product

Most trail bikes do the majority of their mileage on-road rather than off it, which is why the Gripster has been developed with a tarmac bias. That said, its computer-optimized tread pattern and robust carcass construction are designed to make light work of dirt tracks and mild off-road use. After all, if you own a trail bike, you want to make the occasional foray into the wilderness!

Aptly named, the Gripster has excellent road-holding, backed up by predictable handling characteristics, and is speed rated up to 118 mph.

Features and Benefits
  • Long life
  • Available in both tubeless and tube-type fitments
  • 80% road / 20% offroad
  • Specially designed for mid-range trail bikes
  • Robust construction to cope with mild off-road use
  • Excellent on-road performance
  • Superb road holding

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